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User-submitted news, submitted by SWJARP. To submit your own news piece, please check our Submit News link. Looks like a new role-play/general play server has opened up. Check it out if it sounds interesting!
There was once, and still is a game called Elite Force, which once and still does have mods being constructed and are quite useful for roleplaying. Star Trek roleplaying was, and still is at a height. Yet, a community of roughly 100 roleplaying members who enjoyed roleplaying in the Star Trek universe had decided to spread their wings to further grow as a community. Hence when offered, a Star Wars Jedi Academy server was founded to co-exist with the Elite Force server. -=SW:JARPG=- server is not only just for roleplay, in fact we have yet to begin that side of the server as the majority of our players are currently for the first time playing Jedi Academy and are practicing to get a feel for the engine. We allow duels and 'free for alls' as long as only those wishing to be involved in those activities are the only ones being attacked. As long as whilst any roleplaying may be occurring, stay out of the roleplayers way and you can virtually do what you wish as long as you do not disrupt the roelplayers. The server has over 30 custom maps loaded and utilizes the JAplus 2.3 mod for gameplay. The friendly holofederation community is growing rapidly, we encourage skilled Jedi Academy players to join and show us how its done! Who knows, perhaps you may even join the Elite Force server too. Holofederation home: http://www.holo-federation.com/index.php -=SW:JARPG=- Sun-Domain: http://www.ja.holo-federation.com/index.php Enjoy your day and we hope to be hearing from you. Staff
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