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Well, the site has been rather silent, aside from some news and the occasional file, but on the inside, internal affairs have shifted pretty dramatically. As of recently, Mikouen, or simply Kouen, has decided that he is ready to retire from the JK3files scene. Make sure to give your farewells to our old loveable, strong opinioned admin! Life, she is a callin' for him and as such, change, she is a brewing. I, Averus Retruthan, have been left in charge of the Site's administrative functions. Love me or hate me, I'm here to stay XD. Allow me to preface by saying that I'm glad to have this responsibility passed onto me. I feel that I'll be more than able to handle this task with a fair and friendly hand. Here's to keeping this malevolently awesome game alive with equally amazing mods. Seriously, we got some good ones coming out soon! Speaking of mods, I'd like to apologize for the long wait for those who have had their mods in a long wait. Our very limited manpower at the moment during the very peak of the summer season does not make it easy for streamlining to go on very easily, y'know? As such, IT'S REVIEWER HIRING TIME! The call for heroes of JK3Files is upon you all once more! Those interested must direct their attention to the jawsome application link located to your left. Before you skip on over there though, please take a look at what will be required of you: -You must be at least 13 years or older to apply. -You must be able to critically analyze a mod (skin, model, map, etc). -You must be able to type in legible English. -You should be able to dedicate enough time to review a weekly average of 4 to 7 reviews per week. More would be great, but we know reviews take a bit of time, so we're not asking for any insane amount of reviews. -You must be available for a one-on-one interview with me, preferably over MSN Messenger. We can work something out if you don't have MSN Messenger. -You must complete a sample review. Please contact us and we will work out what type of review will be completed. -You must have at least JK2 and/or JK3. We don't get many files for JK2 anymore, so if you have only JK2 and if you're willing to perform any other function on the side, that would be splendid. Think you're up to the challenge? THINK YOU CAN HANDLE WORKING UNDER A FRIGHTENING ADMIN?! Good, then shoot off an application to us, eh? We'll be accepting applications from now, July 15, 2008 til July 25, 2008. Apps after that date will not be considered. Please make sure you voice you tell me what sort of messenger you prefer to use, as I am willing to conform as necessary to accommodate needs. My primary means is MSN, however, so I would suggest setting that up. Don't worry, it won't bite XD. Here's to yeh! - The JK3Files Team.
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