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Some mods would simply go over better with the community if they could be adequately seen! When screenshots aren't enough, video is the way to go. For those who are not aware, FileFront.com has recently launched streaming video! Simply upload a video to your free FileFront unlimited hosting account (in video format, not in a compressed format) and FileFront will automatically generate an embeddable and sharable streaming version of your video! Isn't that neat? On to the part you're really interested. For users whose mods simply can not be properly expressed via screenshots, we encourage the use of FileFront.com free unlimited hosting to create a streaming teaser or demonstration video of your map or mod. Give us the link to the file and request that we include a streaming video in your review, and we will place it at the bottom of the review, so viewers can really see what they're downloading! Keep in mind that we reserve the right to reject any such request -- streaming video is big, and if we deem it unnecessary we won't clutter a review with it (so don't try asking us to put up streaming video of a simple reskin when screenshots would do just fine). Here are the rules:
  • your video must use FileFront.com's streaming video service
  • your video should be no longer than 1 to 2 minutes long (trailers for in-game films may 'haggle' this issue -- please contact us if you want to convince us to let you have a longer trailer or teaser)
  • your video must abide by all other site rules
  • your video can not portray any illegal content
Here are some examples of files that would be particularly suited to streaming video:
  • large and/or complex maps
  • server-side mods, or complex mini-mods
  • skins or models with complex shaders or effects
  • map objects or map prefabs
  • plenty of other mods!
So remember, if you want to really show people what they're getting, consider using streaming video! It's free (and downloadable, unlike other services!) so make use of it for your mods today! See here for an example of a file review with a streaming demonstration video! This policy may be ammended at any time. Please check it before you send us a streaming video request.
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