Yet another roleplaying server for the public.

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Hello, I'm Jedash of Clan THoK (Don't worry, we hardly know what it's about either) and my friends and I decided that we were a bit bored doing our usual RPs on my secluded server and decided, "Hey, we'll go public." Usually, we don't do Star Wars Roleplays, but we find that the pk3s for Non-Star Wars crap is too much of a hassle to do, so our server will of course be a Star Wars-based universe. But have no fear, it won't be as usual as the others! (Or so we hope) We have no concrete story yet, but we are for sure going to have it place in the Old Republic Era, several years of the events of Knights of the Old Republic II. Now, I hope you're thinking "Oh, please tell us how we can join this ASAP!" Well, at the moment, we're putting our forums and such together so give it a day or so and I'll release the URL and there it'll have the pk3 list and such. And for the record, we do use JA+, overrated indeed, but we find it a pretty easy-to-use mod and it has a great admin control. If you have any questions, please contact to me either in this thread or at one of the following "locations" ... Xfire:Jedash Email: jedash1866@yahoo I apologize, but I don't use MSN, AIM or Yahoo Messanger, just Xfire, which can be downloaded from
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