Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy
Animations and Stances

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Clonewar Stances and Effects Hirman 24.34MB 4,520
Stance and Animation Modification Aidy 17KB 8,557
Stab Attack Mod G_I_G 160KB 3,696
Episode 3 Stances Debaser 8.24MB 8,943
EP III Stances Debaser 8.24MB 13,433
New Lightning Stance Jonny2199 12KB 1,199
Highspeed Melee 2 HOUOU 383KB 2,930
Highspeed Melee 3 (JA+ MOD version) HOUOU 36.5MB 3,956
Walking Animations 1ShotDoctor 50KB 353
Walking Animations 1ShotDoctor 50KB 10,301
McDude Stances McDude 16KB 751
Animation Switchup strewn_biohazard 12KB 1,415
Saber Stance Mod Master_Ibonek 466KB 2,822
Highspeed Melee 3 HOUOU 485KB 4,948
New Stance Mod Master_Ibonek 8.39MB 2,728
Repeater Blaster Pistol HOUOU 16KB 877
Asian Stances Tsubasa 592KB 765
Apollyon Stances & Animations Apollyon 17KB 2,786
New fast anim The_Darker_One 715KB 1,733
Wøtw Official Stances Par4site 2.47MB 1,295
MBII Stance MOD Savet 12KB 1,241
Clone Wars Stances and Effects Mod Hirman 25.38MB 3,935
KOTOR Stances Master_Ibonek 18.75MB 674
KOTOR Stances Master_Ibonek 12.01MB 3,161
Meditate States MadaraUchiha 15.75MB 390
New Pistol Stance Gamemaster24 8.23MB 438
Secret Apprentice Saber Stance MadaraUchiha 7.88MB 9,465
Prince of Persia Warrior Within Stance MadaraUchiha 7.88MB 1,416
katanamaru stances and katanamaru sabers Gray Bennett 'Katanamaru' 254KB 783
Force Unleashed SP tdawg2099 9.59MB 6,530
Star_Wars_Stances_Animated Jesus Fernandez Garcia 1.53MB 804
Star_Wars_Stances_Animated_For_JA+ Jesus Fernandez Garcia 8.46MB 531
Star_Wars_Stances_Animated_For_JA+ Ver 3 Jesus Fernandez Garcia 9.39MB 1,440
km_backhand_beta05 Gray Bennett 'Katanamaru' 8.17MB 1,415
Winter's Stances ReikoItami 8.45MB 164
Star Wars - Masters Of The Force Stances Jesus Fernandez Garcia 8.23MB 206