Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy
Map Packs

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Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
RJK Mappack {RJK}Renek 950KB 1,397
Jk3Duelpack Nobody[MRB] 599KB 7,627
Sniper Zone and F-Zero Beta Maps CLU - Nathan 6.04MB 3,900
Matrix Reloaded CLU - Nathan 33.34MB 32,064
Orbs Duel Server Expansion Pack Orbitius 54.84MB 4,823
KoG Server Files Ganuroth 32.29MB 3,701
Rocky's Arena ToiletCleanersDev 11.67MB 1,615
The Crack of Doom Devmapall 8.44MB 3,359
Lost Temples Map Pack Xid Zen Turres FC 4.92MB 6,105
ModSect's Evil Map Pack Orbitius 10.6MB 3,514
Jedi Academy Single Player Maps MaceCrusherMadunusus 7.65MB 10,625
Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 1 Sith-J-Cull 54.04MB 72,985
Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 2 Sith-J-Cull 82.43MB 62,235
Eye Candy Realm and Prison Version 1 FuL*CruM 3.54MB 313
Star Wars Episode III JKA Map Pack - Part 3 Sith-J-Cull 119.12MB 65,294
Lava Duel Map Pack Game_freak444 2.26MB 1,989
Quake 3 Remake Pack Jenova*Rebirth* 4.52MB 1,042
Trixster's Hideout Darth Droofus 2.54MB 538
EnigmaMod SithDagger 29.15MB 1,124
Hydroball Map Pack The Gingerbread Ninja 1.51MB 1,599
Bodycount Map Pack Crix Modo 6.59MB 1,072
Christmas disruption, team ffa and af_elodn -=AF=- Warrior 7.89MB 767
New Worlds Map Pack micahmatt 47.7MB 1,586
Strange Necrotic1 8.34MB 194
ldj_mappack Livingdeadjedi 33.54MB 1,611
Nar Shaddaa Streets Map Pack super_chiken 34.54MB 1,427
RJA mappack (bug fix) RJA 80.21MB 157
RJA mappack RJA 44.22MB 26
RJA Map Pack RJA 93.02MB 289
Multiple Coloured Screens SiLink 39KB 80
Taspir Power Complex V3 Source Files Parabolic Minds 6.22MB 139