Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy

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Maps The New Academy

Ahh the good old Academy Map. This is a genre of maps that has been going strong since the very genesis of Jedi Academy. Here today we have...


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Maps The Duel Zone

Wow >_=; my eyes are still trying to recover from the initial blinding color. Whew, apologies =_= I'm able now. This map is a pretty util...


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Maps Sith Temple

Here we have an interesting take on the good old Sith Temple theme.


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Maps Calcs Desert City Beta 3

Form. Function. Simplicity. Master these things a Jedi you too will become.


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Maps Decepticons Cybertron

Cybertron from the transformers the game, base doff the 2007 film, this is fromthe decepticons last mission.


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Maps Jedi Outcast maps for Jedi Academy

Converted maps from jk2 to jk3 for Multiplayer


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Maps JKNG Academia Morf

A map for my friend Morf of the jkng clan from the 1.00of jedi knight: jedi academy


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This pack contains all Jedi Knight: Jedi outcast maps. (Single AND Multiplayer). Butthats not all...


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Maps Jedi's park

You can find in this map : rooms duels, secret passages, booby traps, but also diningand bar + nightclub.Rooms are also present for everyone...


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Maps FFA MB Streets

This is a map file for Jedi Academy.


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Maps Jack's Water Duel MBII

Simple map, water, 2 boxes and one big, 1 secret included.


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Maps Jack's Crazy Race MBII

Crazy race map, jawas, secret on map. Map is very hard :D


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Maps Jack's Hidden vs Visibles MBII

Can you kill invisible man?


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Maps Star Wars Episode III Palpatines Rooftop Version 2

DESCRIPTION: This is the Version 2 of the map "Palpatines Rooftop" in this version aremore bit XD, in personal are incredible play this map...


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Maps KOD Goodies

This will install my clans 3 current best maps and our new saber.


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Maps Tusken Camp

This location is were Anakin slaugthers the Tuskin Raiders that have kidnapped he's mother.


Free For All The SPJ Fortress

Alright, what we have here is basically one HUGE open map. Oh, and it is a clan map. Made of a single huge tower(and I emphasize that h...


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Free For All Lunatic

Livin la Vida da da da da da That song is awfully catchy if not irritating after a while...yes that is the background music to...


Free For All Desert Streets

The first thing about this map that I noticed, was that it looks extremely similar to one of the first single player missions - where you te...


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Free For All JediVMerc

I'm already a fan of Lord Kaan's work, but this map that he made specifically for Jedi vs. Merc play I have mixed feelings about. The desi...


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Free For All Dojo x2

-=The yards are eerily silent. Averus tiptoes over to the file gar--bin and peeks inside, pulling out a duo of maps.=- Hmm...prett...


Free For All Eternal Lair of Ragnos Disciples

Oh goody! The very first map sent in for Jedi Academy! The first thing I have to say about this map in¡K wow. The second thing is¡K wow. Thi...


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Free For All Hangar 103

Though I'm not a mapper myself, there are several mappers who come to me for advice. Not for technical advice, of course, but more for a re...


Free For All Shroom's Deathstar

Ladies and gentleman, the Duck is back Yes, you read right. If you don't know what Duck I am talking about, you are probably new...