Star Wars: Jedi Knight III - Jedi Academy
Multiple Gamemodes

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All Files In This Category
Name Developer Filesize Downloads
[CONTEST] Valley of the Jedi Tower Inyri Forge 1.86MB 659
Bespin Sea Huxley D'Kana 768KB 7,309
Rift Duel Keiran 1.09MB 905
Bespin Reloaded-JK3 Voronwe_Elf 1.4MB 2,312
SG4REALJA Wade 28.9MB 11,132
TR-Arena <TR> Tiri 331KB 311
Darkforces Streets Szico VII 16.69MB 2,329
Pitfalls Charly [JAS] 128KB 317
OmNi Crypt LouMineti 22.13MB 5,884
Darkforces Streets - V2 Szico VII 19.24MB 1,070
IGF Dojo {IGF} Tsuto 5.39MB 811
Dark Streets FINAL Szico VII 21.29MB 12,295
JKR: JSK Racing Shadow Blight 1.08MB 4,473
Valley Of The Kings Onobi Foondu 10.68MB 1,968
Swoop Fun (v1.1) Gigon 501KB 3,637
Total Jedi War Darth Doughnut 2.32MB 1,902
World Domination Orbitius 24.47MB 4,848
NFOR Club Gigon 2.61MB 871
The Battle of LA 2 Orbitius 22.96MB 2,852
SGEgyptJA Wade 32.05MB 12,874
Temple of the EJK Clan CountDubious 3.08MB 478
Outside The Sithwitch's Lair Jk.Padawan 13.41MB 877
Red Cell Underwater Home -]RC[-Nokill** 3.25MB 1,492
BridgeStreet - Team Corellia Location Kengo 773KB 1,460
Anchorhead Slums (v2.0) Lord Yoset 2.23MB 8,873
Lunacy Temple John Alfieri 4.95MB 138
Luxery Duel Swampster 2.58MB 255
Naboo Hills 2.1 Darth Zappa 8.67MB 50,605
BDC Racing Club (v1.2) Darth Zappa 19.25MB 20,331
Unknown Base Alpha -=NJO=-DareDevil 1.61MB 439
Fight-Arena Gigon 849KB 1,146
TSOD Clan Map (Beta) Soulroll 10.7MB 504
NeoTokyo Szico VII 17.91MB 6,936
Final Fantasy VII - Midgar Szico VII 38.22MB 25,213
Vertigo Cuko 2.39MB 1,245
Mustafar Nozyspy 13.9MB 11,432
))=((iddens Gaming Club: Hangout 3 **))=((iddenSpy** 8.71MB 1,249
Paintball Arena Zenth 870KB 922
Hotel Coruscant =Tom= 5.67MB 7,212
Imperial Time Machine Nozyspy 7.27MB 2,135
Nirenne Station: High Orbit Wedge2211 5.63MB 2,467
House of Chthon Jenova*Rebirth* 2.38MB 249
ETR Academy Station v1 ETRamsey 1.25MB 263
BlueIce Twilight Szico VII 24.42MB 24,792
ZK Quidditch JiZ@ -- ZeltaKnights 5.49MB 416
Arth's Tribal Castle Darth Arth 6.4MB 1,437
Duel Arena Yavin Horus_Delta 5.54MB 180
Jedi's Hideout Jawa 20.43MB 1,016
The Lost Enclave Lord Yoset 3.89MB 687
Hangar C-12 SJLGamer 371KB 194