Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter Zymotico 823KB 5317
Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike Duncan_10158 653KB 6324
STAP Duncan_10158 350KB 7202
Sith-Speeder MST Monsoontide 284KB 8086
STAP MST Monsoontide 267KB 2462
Sith Terminator from Duality Manquesa 218KB 3337
Snow-Speeder-tFP tFighterPilot 392KB 5943
Republic Gunship Mars Marshall 982KB 7913
Raven's Claw Mars Marshall 539KB 5326
Zam's Speeder Mars Marshall 309KB 4889
Vader's TIE Mars Marshall 555KB 4727
Millennium Falcon Mars Marshall 2.36MB 10832
Luke's Speeder Mars Marshall 225KB 6288
Lucky Shot SpeedStar 425KB 2084
Anakin's Speeder Mars Marshall 323KB 5909
Speeder Bike MST Monsoontide 544KB 4088
Hailfire Droid Duncan_10158 828KB 6689
Anakin's Custom Jedi Starfighter (v1.1) Zymotico 857KB 5331
Sebulba's Pod Racer Duncan_10158 772KB 5521
Anakins Podracer jack - sith lord 292KB 5607
Flying Interrogator Vehicle DEADLY_KAISER 3KB 1450
Droid Starfighter PR-0927/Majin Revan 582KB 2811
Coralskipper PR-0927/Majin Revan 1.03MB 990
Slave 1 Vehicle Manquesa 1.34MB 4390
Bantha Mars Marshall 242KB 428
Bantha Mars Marshall 257KB 3609
Tie Hunter minilogoguy18 1.02MB 3021
Battle Streeds Mars Marshall 822KB 3959
Hypostreeds Mars Marshall 1.68MB 1992
Jurancor Park Swoops Sith-J-Cull 668KB 3721
AT-TE Vehicle from Attack Of The Clones Psyk0Sith 807KB 7581
Viper Mars Marshall 398KB 1918
Episode III Jedi Starfighter Manquesa 5.76MB 13942
Star Viper (Xizor's Virago) minilogoguy18 1.4MB 2354
AT-PT Light Ninja 802KB 6263
Arc 170 Fighter minilogoguy18 6.52MB 4364
V-wing minilogoguy18 1.81MB 2531
T-16 Skyhopper SithDagger 966KB 182
T-16 Skyhopper SithDagger 480KB 616
NightRaider SithDagger 901KB 443
TIE V-38 Assault Fighter Inyri Forge 2.08MB 1644
Droid Tri-Fighter Inyri Forge 1.87MB 2783
R41 Starchaser Inyri Forge 4.2MB 1500
Storm SithDagger 1.45MB 1282
Mark I Vehicle Averus Retruthan 767KB 1297
Hoverboard Inyri Forge 2.44MB 6805
Episode III Lego Spaceships darthviper107 4.9MB 887
Mara Jade's Shrike Inyri Forge 1.91MB 411
Exiled Clan Vehicles Shuttle and X-Wing MOD Vincula 9.83MB 351