20 Brush Space Station



Of course then I read the readme which explains that the map was part of a contest over at Map-Craft to create a duel map using only 20 brushes (the blocks that a map is made out of, for those not familiar with mapping terminology).As such dont expect to look at the floor ans see every individual bolt holding each floor panel down, or really that much detail at all, because thats not what this map is about! Considering this has been made using only 20 brushes I think the author has done a good job making an interesting duel map. But its just a room with a space skybox and a glass tube in the middle I hear you say. Well that glass tube with the energy beam in the middle is what makes duels in this map more interesting; destroy it and sirens start blaring, the lighting changes to a 'red alert' theme and sparks shoot up from the floor. The player also takes damage if they stray outside the four platforms in the corners of the room as there is water under the grating separating them. And everyone knows; electricity + water = bad. This makes the 'energy tube' an interesting feature; will you destroy it to put the screws on your opponent but risk damaging yourself, or try and protect it and prolong the duel? Clever!There is one thing Im not quite sure about though, and that is the water itself, water under the floor in a space station just seems... a bit weird! Personally I would have added an 'electric shader' brush so when you destroy the 'energy tube' it simply switches this on and electrifies the floor, but thats just me!Anyways, good work Garyn Dakari, I was also quite fond of the music, it sounds like something from Conan the Barbarian perhaps? Anyway, keep up the mapping! Hopefully we may even see some more of these '20 Brush Map' contest entries submitted to JKFiles. I definitely should check out Map-Craft more often!Bot Support: YesNew Textures: NoNew Sounds: NoNew Music: YesGame Types: Duel, Power Duel~Nozyspy~


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