A Great and Majestic Empire - Episode I

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A Great and Majestic Empire - a wonderful title for a series of short films about a day in the life of some Imperials. If this film were to be rated, it would probably be PG-13 - so be aware that there is a bit of language here and there. Each episode is anywhere from three to six minutes long. So they're large downloads. But the series was done well, and is worth the download!

Stormtroopers. Am I the only one who just thinks they're funny? I mean, just in general. If I look at one long enough, I start giggling. So I love that Stormtroopers were used in this little story. The first installment of this six-part (maybe more?) series introduces us to two Stormtroopers who are very bored with their day. In fact, they're so bored, they stand there talking about just how bored they are. Though it doesn't sound like a great plot for a film, this is actually quite entertaining. The "acting" is done quite well, the voices are great, the camera angles and the music and sound effects are perfect. Sure, the beginning scene is a bit choppy, but after that, the camera doesn't move much, so it goes much smoother. I did laugh at a few of the clever quips. The dialogue was great. I can't wait to see the next installment! Oh, I don't have to wait - it's right here. :) Yay! Stay tuned for 5 more reviews of these cute little JK2/JA film clips!




To view this series you will need divx codecs. Get them for free at www.divx.com.  This is not a mod or map but a film series made using JK2 & JKA.

It was made by myself and the UKM gaming community as a fun project and has taken off since then.  

Feel free to visit the official site for the show at www.agame-ukm.co.uk for news and updates etc or the clan website at www.ukmercs.co.uk

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