A Great and Majestic Empire - Episode X



A Great and Majestic Empire - a wonderful title for a series of short films about a day in the life of some Imperials. If this film were to be rated, it would probably be PG-13 - so be aware that there is a bit of language here and there. Each episode is anywhere from three to six minutes long. So they're large downloads. But the series was done well, and is worth the download!

LOL If only all news reports were as entertaining as the one at the beginning of Episode X. Vader meets with the Emperor to discuss some mundane things such as a new Admiral and McDuff, Cook and that whole situation. Then we get to eavesdrop on a conversation between a couple of Imperial Guards - rather, just some idle gossip. So then we find out just how important McDuff is to the Empire.




A Great & Majestic Empire (AGaME)

A Machinima series made with Jedi Knight Academy.

This is not a map or mod but a movie series for entertainment only. Its made 
for fun only.

Made by UKM Gauntlet (Denis Cooney) and the UKM team.


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