A Small Wish: Dark Force Mod

Mod rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10

A big modification needs a vision. It needs some sort of mission, goal, aim, dream, objective


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Mod rating: * * * (out of four) — 7/10

A big modification needs a vision. It needs some sort of mission, goal, aim, dream, objective... and a big mod that successfully fulfills that dream or vision is, theoretically, a good mod. This is why this mod, which you could probably call sloppy if you academically take everything into consideration, is good. In my mind, it's not sloppy when I know that it is trying to accomplish a certain goal. Its goal, I think, was partly to raise the level of power of just about everything that you can do that causes damage in multiplayer, which is partly accomplished by bringing elements of the singleplayer game into the multiplayer environment. It's a combination of powerful weapons, powerful Force powers, and other small changes that make this mod.

Version three of Henry Christianto's "Dark Force Mod," which requires Jedi Academy Patch 1.01, permanently modifies part of the general configuration of the game and adds new bots, swords, a(n) NPC, and a vehicle; also included are new animations, moves, and effects that may (or may not) enhance your experience. It can be installed in one of two ways: the readme tells you to just put it in the base folder, which would change baseJKA to the Dark Force Mod (thus not allowing you to join other servers that don't use it), but you can also go into your GameData folder, create a folder (call it "DarkForce" or whatever), and drop the PK3 in there; this would enable you to play without any drawbacks in other servers that do not use Dark Force Mod, and still be able to use it yourself by going into Setup and pressing "Load Mod" to load it up.

The default kata for dual sabers has been changed so that while you are performing the kata, you are standing and therefore can move around. I have a strong dislike of katas myself, but I can still tell you that it's a logical, well-executed change. Two more dual katas have been added: while running forward, perform a kata and you will spin and throw both of your sabers at your target; while running backward, perform a kata and you will spin in a similar fashion, but you will not throw your sabers. These were apparently things that Alora did in the single player game.

Another important modification for the kata involves all of your other katas using other sabers. Performing a kata using any other saber will again not glue you to the floor—you can move around—and you can jump and change the direction of your kata. This is almost always more logical than the default allowed, and although you can't fight conventionally anymore because of these changes, it serves the mod in that it directly has to do with creating a certain level of over-the-top chaos.

Various new single sabers have been added—all of which may be used in the single player—many of them actually being metallic swords. "A Small Wish" and "Du Shang Xi Lou" are two such metallic swords, except that "Lou" is a scepter and "Wish" is a plain sword. I did not like how they both have a longer range than the visible model shows, but nevertheless these are two powerful swords. Strike someone and it will do a lot of damage and you will see a red electrical image where you hit them—some sort of spirit blood? When you hit the ground or any other part of the map with them, a large bang and an explosion of energy occurs that knocks back anyone within a fair radius; this seems to be how the final level of the single player was fighting the cowardly Tavion. "Ni Zhe Me Shuo" is a lightsaber with a double-length blade and double radius; it continues to spin on the way back from the saber throw, which seems dangerous because I would not want a spinning blade of death coming towards me. The "Zheng Ming Ni Yi Qie" is a staff saber that is actually chosen from the single saber menu so that you can throw it and use single blade kata moves. Throwing a saber staff isn't exactly high in safety from its elongated length, and the idea of single saber katas with a staff I feel is somewhat strange and could probably result in annoying clipping; however, this exaggeration of power is to be expected. One more saber exists that works only in singleplayer: the "White Saber" or "Crayons" (if it's called 'Crayons,' why is it white?), and can be accessed in singleplayer if you activate cheats and run the command in the console "\saber crayons."

The Force is modified to make it much more powerful and have a longer duration and radius, and nothing seems too over-the-top; the author here executed it just right. He claims that we can use Light and Dark at the same time and that when we spawn, both Light and Dark are available to us, but this didn't seem to work for me. This does not really matter though, because I enjoyed it even without that feature. A nifty, powerful flame thrower is available when you are on the "fists" weapon and use Force Lightning level three, great in many ways except that the charred surrounding area looks awkward and buggy. The power of push and pull has been multiplied to the more realistic level: using them actually knocks around your opponent as it should. I was annoyed that the model makes a sound whenever you jump now, but I was also surprised to find that you can jump really quite high in level three. What's really nice is the Force Seeing power, which makes the identification of people really clear due to the increased intensity of the colorations of other characters. Overall, the exaggeration of Force powers and the speed at which they can be used really make this mod what it is, for the most part.

The author made some interesting changes to the animations, and I like some of them, but not all of them. It's nice to be able to walk normally now like you could in Jedi Outcast; the Academy default walking animation I thought was rather atrocious (who walks like that?) in its original form. The lightsaber turn on/off animation I think is nice, but unnecessary; it's the singleplayer animation where your hand sort of flips. I really didn't like the jumping animation, because it makes you look like a Jedi performing in a ballet, and sometimes it became awkward, sometimes even buggy. A major problem that I had a lot was that I went into undying mode and began to fight NPCs or bots and suddenly my player model would stiff up; the animations would not run, even though my saber still went where I wanted it to go. It's like not being able to feel your arm at all, but you can still move it and perform actions with it. I really didn't like the animations that occurred whenever you're wielding any added sword that wasn't a lightsaber—you would begin to do some sort of elegant victory gloat, and it got really annoying because the animation starts the moment you "ignite" a sword. Anyway, what I thought was probably my favorite animation was the added one that makes you hold your arm in shock because your hand got chopped off; it was in JK2, but was missing from JK3, and now we have it.

The new Force power animations didn't seem all that wonderful, but they weren't necessarily bad. I mentioned before that I really don't like the "Alora ballet-jump," but I do like some of these, like the wave-hand mind trick. The others seemed merely "okay," mostly somewhat unnecessary changes that don't seem to add anything exciting to the game. We've seen these Force changes before, and they never did seem to improve the daily life of Jedi.

We're now supplied with a slightly less than perfect melee weapon (fists and feet) and a delightfully powerful Bryar pistol. I liked the author's choice to change the Bryar pistol to this as opposed to any other weapon; the shots fit the fatness of the gun. It now has unlimited ammunition for the normal AT-ST shots, and its secondary fire is now a grenade launcher which seems to fire thermal detonators that explode on impact, creating metallic debris (the debris probably should have looked more generic and less metallic, but I still admire it merely because I've never seen debris from the firing of a gun before). They're pretty powerful, and people seemed to have a hard time deflecting the AT-ST shots with their swords; however, the shots can be shoved back with Force push. The author's readme claimed that you're given the Bryar pistol by default in the game, but you're not, which is a bug that needs to be fixed so that people don't have to type "\give all." I'm not entirely sure that I like the author's decision to place all servers using this mod in cheat mode by default.

The author also added some moderately intuitive console commands, and I guess you could say that one could have fun in undying mode. Using console commands led me to a stranger problem (?) with the mod: the language. Using certain commands returns a response from the mod, a response that seems to be in either gibberish or a language just too foreign to me. This didn't affect gameplay however; I still knew what I was doing. Some other silly bugs existed, one being that spawning an AT-ST NPC results in a non-functional AT-ST that doesn't seem to want to turn its head towards me, and occassionally a robotic voice would say into the map (any map, not just Siege mode) "Perimeter defenses online." I have no idea why, but I guess the author should crack down on random stuff like that.

I liked the additional bots, NPC, and vehicle. What I thought was questionable—sometimes it sounded great and sometimes it was annoying—was the sounds that were added after successful use of certain Force powers. Especially unnecessary and also sometimes stupid were the taunts that played when you failed to push someone: they didn't always seem to be the right taunts. Also, I really don't need to hear characters gloat every single time they kill someone will Sith Lightning; that could be more moderated. What would be really nice is if it would only be when you manage to kill multiple people with one shot—then the character gloats. I don't think you can do that, but it sure would be a chance for bonus creativity points for the author.

In the long run, it seems like these features aren't needed, but then why would the author make it? He is not one of those modders who make the mod for no rational, mature reason. He has his true target audience who love over-the-top action, and anyone within that target audience will probably be ecstatic.


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Download 'dark_force_3.zip' (1.04MB)

TITLE : A Small Wish (Dark Force Mod v.3)

Released for Jedi Knight, Jedi Academy: October 05, 2005

== File Details ==

Zip Distributed Name	: dark_force_3.zip
PK3 Name		: dark_force_3.pk3
File Author		: Henry Christianto
Web Address		: www.geocities.co.jp/rie_fukada
Email			: rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp
Programs Used		: Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003

== Mod Information ==

 * Multiplayer MOD (Singleplayer source code is not available)
 * Requirement 	: Jedi Academy Patch 1.01
 * COntent 	: Game Configuration, additional saber/sWord, vehicle, npc and bot.
 * Help    	: Only email me at rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp when you need help.
                  No question reply within this forum, because i'm not member of this forum.

== Installation ==

-The Jedi Academy Patch 1.01 must be installed already.
-Put the dark_force_3.pk3 file in your \LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base folder.
-Don't forget to delete the previous dark force mod if you installing one.

== Features ==

This expansion pack adds is the update of the previous dark force mod. 
This mod add new animation, effect, attack, command, and moves from singleplayer to be used in multiplayer
This mod included additional saber/sword, bot, vehicle, npc.

Saber attack ability 

A. New Kata (special saber attack) moves.

1. Dual Saber
When you have rank 3 of saber offense and have dual saber, you will get three kata moves:

a. Alora Saber Spin Throw (Dual saber throw)
This kata moves will throw BOTH of your saber at targeting enemy. (Like NPC Alora does in singleplayer game) 
To do this attack, press kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) when running (press forward)

b. Dual Saber Protect (Original dual saber kata)
This kata moves is original, but now you won't do it with crouching, you can still move forward with your saber spinning
around you, doing damage to nearby enemy.
To do this attack, press kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) only without moving forward/backward

c. Alora Saber Spin Slash (Dual saber slash)
This kata moves will makes player spinning around with saber still in hand. 
To do this attack, press combination of kata(BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) and backward button

B. Kata with running/jumping moves
This is very efficient way to win the battle, you can now doing any kata moves in direction of your choice.
For example if your enemy moving to right while you doing kata, you can redirecting your kata moves with moving
to right also. Kata moves will not stiffened your legs that makes you can't move.
when you have single saber you can do five kata (fast, medium, strong, desann, tavion) moves in your direction.

New Saber and Sword ability

These all new saber/sword names can be found in your saber choice menu (standard saber)
just go to profile->saber->saber style->standard saber

A. New Sword :
Sword is type of saber draws no blade and does knockback (Tavion Sith Sword in singleplayer)
New Sword names and definition :

1. A Small Wish
This sword have knockback slam attack, stabbing ground with this sword shoots electricity everywhere,
This saber can be used in singleplayer, type "saber teresa" at the console.

2. Du Shang Xi Lou
This is scepter model sword, does knockback too. (stabbing ground level 2)
This saber can be used in singleplayer, type "saber riverside" at the console.

B. New Saber :
New Saber names and definition :

1. Ni Zhe Me Shuo
Saber with double length and radius, keep spinning in the way back of saber throw
This saber can be used in singleplayer, type "saber lovepath" at the console.

2. Zheng Ming Ni Yi Qie
Staff saber that can be thrown, single blade style : tavion. Single blade kata moves is enabled.
This saber can be used in singleplayer, type "saber fragrance" at the console.

C. Single Player Saber (The White Saber)
This MOD is multiplayer only, but if we talking about saber, all the saber is always available for singleplayer,
But i have one saber that is works only in single player and not for multiplayer. The saber name is "crayons".
Start the singleplayer game, type "helpusobi 1" to activate cheat and,
Type "saber crayons" at the cheat console to get it. This saber is have white blade saber color. 

The Force ability

Some are from the previous mod, i don't need to explain too much.
Still like the previous mod, both light and dark side will be open to you, you can use both side together

1. Multiple force can be used in once. for example, you shoot lightning+drain or use absorb+protect+rage at the same time.  
2. Fast attack, no limitation time/delay when using the force. 
3. When you spawning into the game, you will get all force ability both dark and light side. 
4. Player always get rank 4 and 5 for saber attack from : fast->medium->strong->desann->tavion. 
5. More radius for offensive force powers (grip, drain, push, pull) This will be multiplied when you are in undying mode
6. More jump height, special for rank 3 force jump, player can fly.
7. Saber throw is as easy as single player. long radius, keep attacking even touch wall.
8. More duration for holding button force powers, like absorb, protect, rage, speed and see.
9. Force seeing is very clear now. You can see your enemy aura shell glowing very clearly and bright.
10. Powerfull force push/pull to throw your enemy to their doom.
11. Flame thrower (like boba fett). If you have rank 3 of force lightning, switch your weapon to melee (empty hand) 
    and then use force lightning now, your lightning will be transformed into fire flame attack that burn your enemy.

Player / force animation
From singleplayer game, i add the animation that is not used by multiplayer :

A. Various Animation
1. Turn ON/OFF saber animation
2. Running/Walking with saber staff off animation fixed 
(fixed the original that is the walking/running animation looks weird when saber staff is off and we use blaster)
3. Fast walking animation
4. Melee Wepon animation is like singleplayer no weapon animation (both hand is relax and off, not raise up again)
5. Fixed bryar pistol missing animation, the original animation of bryar pistol is weird, the weapon always raise down when
we shot something, but now i have fix it. The bryar pistol animation now works correctly like blaster pistol.
6. Right hand chopped off animation (cruel death animation from singleplayer). If your saber cut off right hand.

B. Force Animation
for rank 1, player must meditate and cannot move while healing himself
Player body will surrounded by light heal smoke.
for rank 1, player must crouch first and cannot move while activating force protect
for rank 2, player doing protect animation but no need crouching
for rank 1, player must gesture himself and cannot move while activating force rage
for rank 2, player can gesture while running with force rage active
Player body will surrounded by dark rage smoke.
Fixed drain-hand animation
Player body will surrounded by red electric body shader
for rank 3, player have alora ballet-jump animation 
The original using force push hand animation, in my mod you will
using mindtrick singleplayer animation (wave-hand)

New weapon ability
The bryar old pistol is the strongest weapon in my mod. This time bryar pistol comes with new attack,
different from the previous mod that is shot disruptor laser and rocket torpedo.
In this mod, bryar pistol will shot primary attack of ATST LASER and secondary attack as GRENADE LAUNCHER
Acctually When you spawning into the game you already get :
weapon : saber, blaster pistol, stun baton, melee, and bryar pistol
inventory : binoculars, e-web holdable (machine gun), and cloak device
Other else stuff can be get with "give all" command

Melee weapon have 3 special attack (from kyle boss NPC at single player)
a. Grab and punch 
Press kata (BUTTON_ATTACK+BUTTON_ALT_ATTACK) with forward moves
b. Grab and throw
Press kata without moving forward/backward
c. Knee throw 
Press kata with backward moves
With weapon melee, you can stick to the wall when you doing wall-grab jump until you release it manually.

Global configuration
Force regen time is defaulted to regenerate 1 point each 100 miliseconds
Player that set to undying mode will regenerate 2 point each 100 ms
Dismemberment default is 100 (always cut off arm/body/head/leg with saber)
Everyone including bot get two additional weapon : stun baton and melee (kungfu attack)
Armor is always counting up to maximum whenever take damage. (auto recharge shield)
Host player (you only) have bryar pistol, have 200 armor/health, and have 255 force powers
Bot must wait 15 second before respawn again after death
Force booster is active when you are in undying mode or using cloak.
Configuration above is permanent.

Console Command
Always remember multiplayer command always start with slash first

Cheats is always enabled when the map is begin ( no need devmap command again )Undying mode : type "undying" with slash first, or you can just bind a key to get emergency button,
for example type "bind g undying" 
I think i don't need to explain again but for you who didn't know yet, undying mode is come from 
singleplayer game, when active, player can take damage to 1 but never dies. 
When you are in undying mode, you can't falling to death or dead by any means (more strong than god mode)
When you in undying mode offensive dark force power like grip, drain, and lightning will have multiple radius
For example : you can grip enemy that is even very far away from you. 

Cheat Command:
"\undying" 	= toggle undying mode on/off
"\god" 		= toggle god mode on/off

Give command:
"\give force" 	= maximize force power.
"\give god"   	= flag to god mode.
"\give undying" = flag to undying mode.

Sharing Command (for debugging pretty much)
&quot;\giveother <client_index_number> <given item/weapon>&quot; = give another player (or even bot) whatever we want.
&quot;\status&quot; = to see all available client index number. Use this first before command giveother. 

Example = giveother 0 weapon_concussion_rifle
        = giveother 1 item_jetpack

Debug Damage Command
&quot;\g_debugdamage 1&quot; = shows amount of damage taken by each client.

The addition bot and NPC
There is 4 new bot, 3 jedi and 1 civilian :

1. Teresa
Jedi Human Female Bot, Using Undying Mode, Using dual saber : sith sword and scepter
Using primary weapon : Bryar pistol laser + grenade laucher
Using BOTH dark side and light side ability plus force booster
2. Twilek 
Jedi Twilek Female Bot, Normal Bot with special ability, Using two handed (staff) saber
Using both dark and light side of the forces.
3. Zabrak
Jedi Zabrak Female Bot, Normal Bot with special ability, Using Double saber staff
Using both dark and light side of the forces.
4. Henry 
Civilian Human Male Bot, Not using saber, Using primary blaster pistol
Using no force powers. category of idiot bot. 

There is 1 nightmare npc : jenny
This npc flagged to undying mode, great to having fun with it.
Spawn her in the middle of the battle, she will try to kill everyone.
Type &quot;\npc spawn jenny&quot; to spawn it.

My Mod support 99 vehicles and 99 weapons vehicle to prevent error because of too many vehicle
There is new vehicle in this mod : Z-96 Vehicle, an example modification of the original z-95
Try this vehicle at large map such as siege_destroyer (type &quot;devmap mp/siege_destroyer&quot;) if you have it.
or t2_trip (type &quot;devmap t2_trip&quot;). This z-96 vehicle is very cheat, have big armor and shield.
Type &quot;\npc spawn vehicle z-96&quot; to spawn it.

SOUND (from NPC Jedi AI)
Player always say this whenever:
FP_LIGHTNING : gloat1.mp3, gloat2.mp3, gloat3.mp3
FP_DRAIN : combat1.mp3, combat2.mp3, combat3.mp3
FP_LEVITATION : jump1.mp3
FP_PULL :jchase1.mp3, jchase2.mp3, jchase3.mp3
FP_PUSH : taunt1.mp3, taunt2.mp3, taunt3.mp3
FP_GRIP : anger1.mp3, anger2.mp3, anger3.mp3
FP_TELEPATHY : confuse1.mp3, confuse2.mp3, confuse.mp3
Enemy failed to push/pull you : pushfail.mp3
You kill an enemy : victory1.mp3, victory2.mp3, victory3.mp3

A lovely flower does not open often,
A lovely view does not exist everywhere,
Worries furrow a laughing brow of the dark side

For Help/Question only by email (rie_fukada@yahoo.co.jp)
I'am not a member of this forum at all.

== Thanks/Development Credits ==

Microsoft Development Environment 2003

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