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Here's the embarrassing thing about JKfiles: We tend to get the "good" st00f a lot later than most because of our slower processing time. T...


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Here's the embarrassing thing about JKfiles: We tend to get the "good" st00f a lot later than most because of our slower processing time. THIS, however, is EONS overdue. I remember playing this map ages ago. Hell, I still managed to find the secrets! O_o (well, most of them.)

So, the Abandoned Academy is pretty much utilitarian versus RPable, so sorry RPers :\ not good enough for it. It essentially contains mostly duel rooms and training courses. Ah, a true testament to its age: player -contact switches(as opposed to usable switches.) This map is definitely still amusing to play on, although now that I'm older and darker, I did notice quite a few bugs with it. Quoting my handy wordpad notes:

- Grass poking through pavement: this was primarily in the spawning area. Instances also included clipping through the fountains as well.

- Foliage clips into Fountain: a large bush clipped into one of the fountain.

- Blue fog error: The presence of the water fog shaded some of the surrounding flora blue.

- Ambient Noise missing on door(s)

- Water efx only shows up at frontal angle.

- Missing Texture on window frame: Visible in the room with the door facing the entryway.

- Some unintentional parts of the map visible from same window.

- boxy cavern tunnel: Mostly in a secret area, so might not be too problematic.

- silent ambient fountain: the fountain with the frontal effects made no sound.

- fire sound radius too large: I could hear the fires from one area two areas away O_o

I would definitely love to see an expansion of such an old map if possible, although I'm sure Jenova has long since discarded the .map, so mebbe a redux or something would be awesome. Otherwise, I would definitely suggest taking a look at this map, regardless of its numerous errors. It's worth the look, I can assure you =_=

New Textures: Nay New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Abandoned Academy v2.0 by Jenova*Rebirth*

This is one of the first maps I ever made, I was recently browsing through my old hard drives and found this and decided to release it as I don't think I ever did.

It has several rooms which include:

Council Room
Assault Course
Shooting Range

secret rooms:

Volcano duel room
Burning forest
2 meditation rooms

and possibly more as I can not remember half of the map or ever how to reach half of the hidden rooms.


Unzip the place the AbandonedAcademyv2.0.pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder.

Thank you for downloading this and I hope you enjoy it.

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