DrussRob brings us Absolum the Almighty. Ok, not almighty...just all powerful.

Ok, not all-powerful...just...some guy.

This take on the GrayFox model gives Absolum a wonderfully eery green tint to the Ninja Armor from the famed Metal Gear Solid series. But that's just the beginning. The real meat in this skin is the bot support and SP AI support that is included. You can actually spawn an NPC of Absolum in the game to have the green ninja running along-side you in battle. Too bad there is no sword, but there is apparently a super saber that he couldn't get to show up in the menu. Don't worry, I couldn't either.

Without team support it becomes just another shallow skin but the main skin isn't half bad in itself. I would recommend to the author two things: 1.) Don't make the pk3 so damn hard to get through. 2.) Include team colors or more color varieties.

- Chrono

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No Bot Support/AI: Yes



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rvrdv  **
 thh   *  *  ?

( ^ That's a picture of a... thing)


Anyway. Yet another Grayfox ripoff. But this one is a tad bit different. It has shinys! 
This is actually a ripoff of Nexus/Grayfox. I tried my hand at modeling, and until a retard-friendly version of modeling software is released, I shall try it no more. modeling hard... So I figured I'd grab a model closest to what I had in mind of making, which happened to be Nexus (which I learned later was actually Grayfox... eh, oh well), and just skinned the sucker. It all worked out. I seem to remember someone saying somewhere that if the Nexus skin was souped up a bit it may be a decent skin... hmmm, maybe I have achieved that (hopefully). Well, it's an all around cool looking skin (I think) which me and my friends use regularly in JK3 MP and I hope other people will like using it just as much.

Side Note: Spawn this character in SP for the best bodyguard a budding jedi could ask for. Or, do the playermodel code to use this as yourself and watch what happens ;)


Bot support: uh huh
New Sounds: Most Definately
SP NPC Support: You Better Believe it
Lederhosen Support: Doubtful
Team Support: uhhh... next
LOD Support: who?
Child Support: ....ok, that's enough... really

In short; This is a complete package. It'll do anything those other cool guys will. And the sounds rock. I've been using this skin for quite awhile now and have seen no bugs, except the dual saber twirly around thingy where only one goes. but eh, so what.

Mucho much thx to ksk_h2o for his Grayfox Model 
( http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=10764 )
and to Dc|-EcNo for his Nexus Beta 1.0 skin
( http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=19446 )

Legalities: This model is not made by or endorsed or supported or recognized or approved or waxed or sterilized or even fed by LucasArts, RavenSoft, or any other company that has a vested interest in any that is Star Wars related, or that would laugh at you if you asked for support. This skin is freely downloadable, so dont sue me for doing whatever I did that I'm really and truly sorry about, because I didn't know it was wrong... really... whoa... ok, that's about it. :)

Side Note 2: Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I added a super saber in here too, but it shows up blank in the saber list, because I have no clue how to do that sorta thing yet. If you do, and are a super cool and groovy sorta fella, you have my permission to fix it and submit an update.



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