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Well this was certainly a large map. It was also designed for clans. Not a clan, but clans. That's one thing that makes it special....


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Well this was certainly a large map. It was also designed for clans. Not a clan, but clans. That's one thing that makes it special.

There are three levels, all of which are pretty cool. But, I'll just start with the first one.

The first floor is the ground floor, with three dueling rooms, an npc room, a training room, and a cantina, among a few other things. Two of the three dueling rooms are identical, each with a dueling area and seats so you can watch the duel in comfort, as well as an observation box on the wall. The third on, is more of a hazardous duel area, involving a pit. Although, you don't die when you hit the ground, making it a somewhat safer duel area. Also an interesting one, seeing as the person up top is likely to slash you as you come up.

The npc room is extremely simple, almost too simple. It only spawns three npcs, all various brands of cultist. I found one small bug, or rather, minor issue. If you spawn the noc, and then just stand there, the npc will spawn, and the door will open, but it will close, leaving the npc in there. So you have to spawn another npc and then fight them both. This might be seen as a good thing, or a bad thing, to some. I would've

The training room, was very simple. In one corner, was a box where you could spawn a sentry droid, in the center of the room was a small area from which you could spawn a R5 unit, or Kyle. Yay! Let's all kill Kyle! There is an observation box on the wall, as well.

Okay, now go outside. Yes! There's an outside! It's very spacious as well. It had some custom areas, but a lot of it was bare, as in, there wasn't much there. There were trees, but they just seemed a bit too spread out to me. One thing I did like about this was the waterside area. It was very casual, made just for those who want to sit and talk by the water. I didn't like the way the water was done, at least in the river. But water is a hard thing to do, so that doesn't really matter.

The cantina, was, well, a cantina. Albeit a small one. It had a nice little stage on it, as well as a small bar off to the corner, with a storage room. The main area was taken up by chairs. There were a few alcoves in the cantina, but not very many.

And, last up for the bottom floor, is the arena! Great idea. Nothing better than a good old arena. This is a small indoor arena, which isn't bad in and of itself. While great for FFA's and such, it would be very nice, and cool, if you could spawn a rancor behind a gate, and have the gate open. Fight on! But, other than that, it's not bad.

Okay, I think that that's about it on the bottom floor. On to the next one! The second floor is a lot simpler, with only five areas. It has an Audience Chamber, as Tournament Chamber, what I think it a teachers area, and finally, an area that leads to the next floor, and the main little entrance area, which is actually the center of the floor.

The main little area isn't all that big, it just has a tree surrounded by water. The two areas off to the side are the teachers room, which consists of a few beds and a bathtub. The second area is the tournament room, which is like a dueling area, only with chairs on the side, and a observation box. Not that much. The audience chamber is a lot like the chamber seen in single player, except the windows on the side are huge. I think that they're a little too big. Someone might walk out through the window and die.

Okay. The last floor. Yay! I feel like I'm writing a book.

First, you go up a long elevator, and then you finally get to the top floor! And it only has two rooms, a council room and a sun deck. The sun deck is very nice, being sunny and all, it's a great place to socialize, get a drink, take a nap, read a book, or use a terminal. And that's what you can do! Great social area. However, the shelves in this area just seemed to stick out like a sore thumb, so that's one thing that could use a bit of change.

And finally, the council room. Well, it's a council room, with lots of chairs in a circular area.

Am I done? No. There's still the Admin room. It's dark, to say the least. and from it you can lock various rooms, and areas of the map. I would have liked it if, when you locked a room, a ''locked'' message would be displayed. But that's me.

I did find some bugs. When the cantina was locked, I would go and press the button, and I would hear the cantina music. Meh. The other major thing was the lighting. In places this was a very dark, or less than ideally lit.

But, this is a great map for clans in general, or just simple RPG's. So if you like this, or if your clan could use a nice map to use, then give this a download.

Bot Support: Sadly, No. New Models: Yes. New Music: No New Textures: Yes GameTypes: FFA, TFFA, Duel


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Download '' (8.61MB)

The name of the map is already famous among the players of JA (well not SO famous, 
but it's known like this because of the previous versions) but if you want it can be 
called "a1.2 Academy", thanks for the interest anyway ^^.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: a1.2 Academy 
E-MAIL: [email protected] (or [email protected])

FILENAME: a1.2.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 27 January 2006 

CREDITS: I want to thank Perseus and Virtue for the support and the ideas that they gave me, thanks my friends I hope you'll be proud of me ^^

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply extract the a1.2.pk3 file in your "C:\....\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base\" directory.

DESCRIPTION: This is my first map and I am glad people use it already ^^, it is an academy meant to be on Dantooine (even if the sky is of yavin). There is a large garden outside and the academy building is with a main door that leads to the main hall. There are 3 floors based on the importance of each one. It is a good map for clans because of the locations of the rooms that should be all very usefull for clan activities. From the readme:
"This is my first map, and I hope you will like it,
it's perfect for every activity for a clan. 
It's the Jedi Academy, with: 
3 duel rooms,
a training room,
a big arena, 
a meeting room, 
a fountain,
a torunament room,
a big hall, the so called "skywalker room",
a relax room, 
a teacher's room,
a big garden, 
a secret room (adminroom),
and a council room."

BUGS: I'm sure there are many little bugs... but I can't even find them by myself... I'm sorry I'm not such a good mapper -_-' 

COMMENTS: oh well I'd hate to comments my works, I hope instead that others will comment it, but untill now I have had already some satisfactionary comments ^^.


Required items. There are no required items... should there be any?

Enjoy yourself, Dany.

 \\\\\\\            \\\\\\\             \\\\\   \\\        \\    \\  
  \\\     \\       \\\          \\\         \\\\ \\\\\         \\  \\
   \\\     \\       \\\\\\\\\\         \\\\     \\\\          \\ 
    \\\\\\\         \\\          \\\          \\\\       \\\        \\

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