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For a trailer, it doesn't show much, nor explain much about the mod. The mod, of course, is basically just a compilation of other peoples' w...


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For a trailer, it doesn't show much, nor explain much about the mod. The mod, of course, is basically just a compilation of other peoples' work, nothing the author did himself. Or very little, at least. Does this make me want to download such a mod? Not really. Then again I'm not big on "from the movies" content, not to mention I can already download all of it separately without having to sit through a 600mb download.

The actual video itself seems to have little emphasis on style. It's basically just people running around trying to slice and dice each other, and the repetitiveness of it gets very boring very fast. And it's under 40 seconds long! I'm impressed that someone could bore me with something that short. Overall: trailers are supposed to induce excitement about a mod or video. This doesn't.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Academy Concept Trailer 
AUTHOR**: Audio Apprentice 
E-MAIL**: audio_apprentice84@hotmai;.com 

FILENAME: actrailer.pk3 
DATE RELEASED: 20 November 2005 

Description: New characters, new menus, new effects, new everything. Rome around some of the most famous star wars maps from Tatooine to Mustafar. Play as highly detailed characters from Han Solo to Anakin Skywalker. This modification is one huge improvement from the original game.

A good point about this modification is that nothing looks "messy" either, for example, all of the extra character icon backgrounds have the same background, and all of the character/bot names have been altered, so they all look original (ish), and all of the addon map names and levelshots have been cleaned up so they don't hve any logos on then etc, which also makes them look very original. 

One bad point though, when the mod is released it will be more than 600MB :S. This is mostly because of the new music and all of the maps included (which are huge in filesize). Most mods don't include any extra maps or hardly any characters, but this isnt the average mod. This includes a hell of alot of characters and maps and so on. I could remove them and make the filesize much smaller, but without them, this mod will not be half the mod it's going to be...

PLEASE NOTE!!!! Like Movie Battles II, some, if not most of the characters, skins, models, etc in this mod have been created by other people and therefore I take no credit for the models etc. All i did was bring these phinominal addons together into one big mod. Having permission from Inyri Forge, When the mod is released ALL of the readme's of the content will be included, and all the names of the people who created them will be listed in with the credits. If your work is included in this mod, and you would like to remove/exclude it from this project feel free to email me.



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