Acrition City Duel

Before I get into the review let me first just take a little quote from the readme ;) This is a duel map set in a futuristic city wh...


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Before I get into the review let me first just take a little quote from the readme ;)

This is a duel map set in a futuristic city where all the streets are incredibly polished.

Polished? Thats somewhat of an understatement. Everything... absolutely everything in this map shines, with the exception of the skybox. Not that that's a bad thing, it really depends how well your eyes can cope with a glare like that, but personally I think it's a little overdone, however that's not really a focal point of this map, so let's see what IS the focal point of this map. :)

The name, Acrition City is a little exagerrated, as the map is only a small duel map with a city looking skyportal around it, and I didn't see a cathedral anywhere lol ;) Just kidding, but for a city it is a very small map, even with the skyportal it's a little small. Which brings me to my next point. When you look over the edge, you get the oh-so-nice view of an orange floor which sharply at 90 degrees joins into the desert skybox - not a very nice sight. Something needs to be done here, maybe a fog or something, as that is really not very nice to look at. Additionally, the textures used on the skyportal surroundings were too large and misaligned in quite a few places, but that's not to say it all was, just some of it. :(

The actual dueling section in the middle isn't bad however, theres a few nice patch uses and a little bit of nature in a technological chasm, in the form of a tree. Sure it's a tree, but I think it's quite effective there. There was also some kind of pads which looked like they might've been some kind of hover vehicles, which you could have a moving duel on, but they turned out to be static and that was a little disappointing, unless I've missed a switch somewhere. The second gripe is the lighting - In the middle of the daytime in a desert surroundings, why have so many windows got their lights on maximum glow? Apart from this though, this is a fairly average duel map, with some nice features but is spoiled by some nasty visual errors.

The music used can fit with the map or not, depending on how you invisige the area. Personally, I don't think it fits too well, it's very lively and loud, wheras the environment isn't really busy e.t.c.

New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

EDIT: Sorry, there was bot support... my apologies.

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Map Name                : Acrition City Duel
Author                  : |Ex|DevmapAll
Email Address           :
Website URL             : No personal site, but my Studio's site is:
Map description         : This is a duel map set in a futuristic city where all the streets are 			  incredibly polished.  The one building is loosely based on Taris, and 			  the others are just random shapes.  There are some floating "Parking 			  spots" along the streets, and if they're empty, who says you can't duel 				  on them?  Have fun and don't assassinate me.  

Other info              : This map was started because I found out how to make portal skies.  I 			  then learned how to make textures shiny, so I figured, "why not make an 			  actual map from this?"  So I did.  This map was also made between 			  midnight and 4 am.  Not that that affects anything, just though you 			  might wanna know.

Additional Credits to   : Whoever made that shader that I picked apart to learn how to make shiny 			  shaders.  And KOTOR, for music

Thanks to               : Not not not not not you
* Play Information *

New Sounds              : NO!
New Skins               : NO!
New Objects             : NO!

* Construction *
Brush Count             : question mark
Vert Count              : shrug
Entity Count            : I dunno
Base info               : I picked apart a shader to learn how to make things shiny...but I didn't 			  use any of their stuff, just the syntax.
Software used           : GTKRadiant 1.4.0, Notepad
Known Bugs              : YOU DIE IF FALL!
Build Time              : some hours

* How to use this map *

plunk it right there in yer base folder

* Copyright / Permissions *



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