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Okay, here we have the second version of the White Cloud. I'm just going to say that I'm just going over the new changes for this skin....


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Okay, here we have the second version of the White Cloud. I'm just going to say that I'm just going over the new changes for this skin.

First off, this no longer overwrites the regular cloud skin. That blurry orange symbol that was on the first version is now gone, and shaders have been added, as well as bot support, npc support, singleplayer support, team skins, and sounds. I can certainly say that the skin looks better from last time, but it still needs a little work. The shaders, while cool, utilize the glow effect. What does that mean to you? It means you have to have r_dynamicglow set to 1. This also means that your ingame FPS will be cut in half. For some of you, your graphics card doesn't support dynamic glow. But other than that, the wolfs head on Cloud's shoulder pulsates. The biggest thing was the shader used on the skin. While it serves its purpose, it doesn't extend to cover the face. That's just disappointing that the author didn't notice that while testing this skin.

Now for a quick overview of the team skins. Instead of being white, they go with a black theme. And they aren't solid black! They do have red and blue shading on them, and the hair for each one is different. That's it.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes SP Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: White Cloud (2.0)

FILENAME: White_Cloud.pk3 
FILESIZE: 3,543 kb 
DATE RELEASED: July 21, 2006

CREDITS**: I would like to thank Jimesu_Evil for giving me
permission to reskin this model that was originaly made by
Broli (Modeller), Jimesu_Evil (Skinner) and V (Weighter).

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Simply extract the .pk3(Model File) 
to the Base folder that's located by default in C:/Program Files/Lucas Arts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/Base 

DESCRIPTION**: This is a reskin of the original AC - Cloud model by
Broli, Jimesu_Evil, and V. What I did here is convert Cloud's clothes
to a white color. Not pure white, but enough. Most of these textures
or probably all by now are completely different to the original model
and no, this is not a simple recoloring, I did make alot of these 
textures from scratch. Here is a list of things added or fixed in V2.0:

1) Added New Sounds (Most modified by me with Audacity.)

2) Fixed Overwriting of Cloud (Does not overwrite default Cloud)

3) Improved and Changed More Textures

4) Added Bot Support (I don't know why it was said that the previous models were said to
already have bot support, but they really did not support it. This version fixes this 
problem and also modifies it. You will find this to be a killer bot. -_^ Also, the bot
was modified to use the vigilante from Jose Carlos's First Sword pack.

5) Added NPC Support (The npc spawn code for White Cloud is /npc spawn white_cloud. This
NPC also uses the vigilante and has been modified to be more challenging but not impossible
to kill without dying once. I have tested this myself =). He is also set to NEUTRAL to
players and ENEMY to player enemies. So he won't do anything to you, unless you attack him.

6) Added NEW TEAM skins (New and customized TEAM skins are added, you will find these quite
a surprise when you choose them, so I will not say anything in this ReadMe other than, they
are new.)

7) Single Player support added (Yes! You can play with White Cloud as well as the TEAM
skins in Single Player, remember to select them through the HEAD selection though. The
thing is that the face has not been set to move or animate, I am looking forward to adding
this sometime in the future but I don't think I will be able to do this myself with my
current program resources.)

8) New and custom shader (I have modified the shader and gave White Cloud a shiny glow
to his body, and a simple glow that looks nice to his hair. His Wolf Symbol on his
shoulder pad also pulses which is a really nice effect. Try using force speed and see
what happen. -_^

BUGS: Sometimes hair twitches, and there's still that gray spot sticking out on the back
but these have all been problems before and something I am looking forward to fixing
in the future.

NOTES: If you want to see White Cloud's shaders work to make him glow, go to video options
and make sure Detailed Shaders are ON. White Cloud also uses the Vigilante as a bot or
an NPC but the First Sword Pack by Jose Carlos is something you will have to download

COMMENTS: Big thanks to Jimesu for letting me release this reskin and the original 
AC - Cloud team for their hard work. 



Cloud Strife (Advent Children)
Model Name:		"cloud_ac"

Model:			Broli
Skin:			Jimesu_Evil			
Weighting:		>][V][<


Sounds:			No

Botfiles		Yes  			


Some of you may notice some minor bugs with the hair. I won't say them 
because maybe if you don't know about them, you won't see them. 
Special thanks to Almighty_Gir, Antizac and Infinity Blade for helping out
with the shaders, and also an extra special thanks to Broli for letting me
skin and rig his awesome model. :D


Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKA/gamedata/base/ directory



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