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Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I loved the V1 of AdZ's Force Mod, and am excited to review the next version..

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Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I loved the V1 of AdZ's Force Mod, and am excited to review the next version..

This mod certainly doesn't dissappoint, it not only gives a new and fresh look to the effects shown when using the force powers, but includes a whole new set of icons for each power which look far better than the default, and far better than the v1 icons. So i'll start with saying that the icons are great, and for them alone, I would keep this mod. Now moving onto the effects themselves:

Lightning: There are not only new effects for the lightning power, but he has also included new sounds. The sound is nice, however i'm not sure if I would say it is better, certainly different though, and quite nice for a change. The lightning effect itself looks great though, and definately and improvement that I liked.

Mind Trick: Basically this power consists of small pink/purple dots flashing above a players head, i'm not sure why a purple color was chosen, but it does look good, so cant complain about that!

Protect: Ok, the protect effect doesn't seem much different, it basically seems like a thinner and more transparent version of the default, but it also doesnt move around the skin like before, its more of a static effect. I never did like the default, and this new effect is a much more subtle and nicer effect.. much easier on the eyes for an old sod like me.

Drain: Now, for my favourite addition... the drain effect. This new effect is completely unlike the default, its more of a haze of red energy been pulled from the other player, rather than a lightning effect. I absolutely love this new effect, however I would prefer if it was slightly smaller, it covers a large amount of your aim, which might get difficult in the midst of combat, other than that its fantastic.

As an addition to the new effects, the grip animation from the V1 version has still been included, but the animation itself has been made to go faster, and as an added bonus to the pack, he has also included a new flame burst / flame thrower sound.

All in all, a fantastic force modification here, great work AdZ.. I hope you make a V3, i'll be keeping my eyes open for it, and for any other file you release!

I COMMAND THEE ALL TO DOWNLOAD OR I SHALL STEAL YOUR SOULS AND PURGE YOU INTO THE UNDERWORLD... nah not really.. but seriously.. download this... *evil glare*

- AmonRa

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Download '' (8.63MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Force Modification - Created By AdZ

Author		:  AdZ
Email/MSN       :
Web		:

Modname		:  AdZ's Force Mod (V2)
Filename	:
Filesize	:  approx 8.62 MB
Releasedate	:  2 March 2009
Description     :  A Modification that changes the force powers and icons.
                   Changes in V2:       New Drain effect
                                	New Force Lightning Sounds + Effects
					New Mind trick effect
					New protect effect
					New fireburst sound (think of it as a small bonus :D)
					Grip animation has been made faster
					New force power icons

New Effects	:  Yes
New Sounds	:  Yes   (some are just modified from the originals)



Unzip the .pk3 from the archive and place in your GameData/Base folder.

NOTE: This version will not work correctly with lugormod.



None that I know of, if you find any please leave me feedback.


I do NOT give permission for anyone to modify or redistribute this mod without my consent.

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