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A RACE MAP O_O! As my mind raced, I plotted to immediately race someone in this map. Seeing no one around, I immediately challenged mysel...


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A RACE MAP O_O! As my mind raced, I plotted to immediately race someone in this map. Seeing no one around, I immediately challenged myself to a race. As the countdown commenced, I mocked and scorned myself, calling me foul and unclean names. Then I mocked myself, laughing because I had chosen to run instead of taking a swoop. The go signal lit up, and I WAS OFF! The race was very close, but I crashed and my swoop exploded. I then proceeded to run across the finish line and mock myself. It was clear that I was the winner =_,=. Now, throughout all this, I noted the course and it's structure. The textures were mostly in spanish and stuff, except for a few. One of which was interesting. o_O(see the screenshots) The course itself was somewhat short, IF you made it past the critical jump. Should you make that jump, you get a clean shot to victory. The course was interesting to observe, but all throughout it was somewhat shoddy in building. The biggest disappointment had to have been the starting area. I found the following issues:

- Nonfunctioning Secret: Our author supplied a tipoff to the secret (which lead you to the box in which to orchestrate the race's beginning.) Try as I might to push the use button, it refused to open.

- The starting light only turns on once and doesn't turn off

- Some of the swoop spawns spawn the untextured swoops.

- The bouncing countdown thing conflicted with the "number covers" (which, may I add, had to be manually covered by pushing a button corresponding with the number) the countdown box bobbed up and down, and the covers did not, so not very effective.

- The first part of the circuit was painfully hard to maneuver and somewhat sloppy.(Although I suppose that makes more of a challenge.)

- In the area with the dual jump ramps. (Lower circuit) If you fall down into that sandy area with the fallen tree, you must open the doors manually with the use button as opposed to just passing through with proximity detection. Whether this was an intentional factor or not, it's probably a bit unfair XD.

That in itself is quite a number of bugs, my lad. I'd suggest fixing those little things up, or else the harpies shall take your face and use it as a handcloth =_=.

My suggestion? This map has a decent course for racing; however, it's probably best to race with cheats on, seeing as you can hardly successfully orchestrate it without them. New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'afrace2.zip' (4.54MB)

Star Wars jedi knight jedi Academy
Multiplayer Modification.
Mapa/Skins AF_race
Mapa realizado por: warrior.
Skins realizados por: warrior con el soporte de valveider.


armas: si
musica: si
Bugs: no lo se
NPC: si
Efectos especiales: No
texturas nuevas: si

Mapa para multiplayer.

Recomendaciones referente a los skins:

ahi los comandos:

/model race1 ---> dorsal 1 ---> equipo azul
/model race2 ---> dorsal 2 ---> equipo azul
/model race3 ---> dorsal 3 ---> equipo azul
/model race4 ---> dorsal 4 ---> equipo azul
/model race5 ---> dorsal 5 ---> equipo rojo
/model race6 ---> dorsal 6 ---> equipo rojo
/model race7 ---> dorsal 7 ---> equipo rojo
/model race8 ---> dorsal 8 ---> equipo rojo

recomendaciones referente al mapa

En el mapa hay un marcador. y no es un marcador qualquiera:
marca los tios k an muerto durante la carrera. MUERTO? evidentemente,
hay saltos, trampas, etc, con las que hay que ir con cuidado
(sin mencionar el rival k dispara).
El arbitro es quien, dandole a los botones lo ace,
 igual que al empezar la carrera con el semaforo.
(cuando se muera alguien y el arbitro no se entere, gritad: MUERTO!!! 
xD el ya tendra los numeros de cada jugador.

recomendaciones? ---> turbo en: meta, recta del patio, y subida del cristal
cuando esta la moto por la mitad. por qué ahi y no en un salto?
compruebalo xDDD
que mas... ah si, los espectadores ---> si la carrera lo permite, hay 3 gradas diferentes,
a la meta, en el patio y en la sala de los pendulos. 
para que sirven??? y como llegaR??? 
principalmente sirven para ver la carrera. se llega con unos teleportes, 
situados a cada lado de la grada, que indica a cual se dirige. y bueno... s
iempre k el server y el admin lo permita... 
he puesto algunas armas en las gradas para disparar a los motoristas que pasan.

y se me olvidaba, al acabar la recta de meta hay una bajada en que si no frenas,
te la metes, frenad y la moto deslizara sola.


Extraer el zip en la carpeta Game data/base. se extraeran los dos pk3:
El mapa af_race y los skins.

Le doy las gracias a angelito para compilarme el mapa cuando yo no podia, a darthclon
para el mismo motivo y a valveider, para ensenyarme como modificar models.

Y evidentemente a todo el clan AF por su soporte.


http: clanaf.misproyectosweb.com / jkspamaps.tk

Map by warrior.

        TITLE: AF_Race2
        AUTHOR: warrior
        E-MAIL: clan_omg_lc@hotmail.com
        WEBSITE: clanaf.misproyectosweb.com

        FILENAME: -=AF=-Race2.pk3
        FILESIZE: 4.53 MB
        DATE RELEASED: 4 Dicember 2006

        CREDITS: I included skins for this map, for activate it:
/model race1 ---> number 1 ---> blue team
/model race2 ---> number 2 ---> blue team
/model race3 ---> number 3 ---> blue team
/model race4 ---> number 4 ---> blue team
/model race5 ---> number 5 ---> red team
/model race6 ---> number 6 ---> red team
/model race7 ---> number 7 ---> red team
/model race8 ---> number 8 ---> red team

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Go to GameData/base and output the zip file. Then read the "readme_race" :)

        DESCRIPTION: This map is for races, swoops reds, blues and standarts swoops. there are 4 diferent races: go to the panels map. you can see: "circuito 1" and "sala adicional" for change the gametype.
        1,2, GO for satarts the race. For enter in the panel?? There's a secret button. (see the photo: "secret_button")

        BUGS: I can't see them.

        COMMENTS: Enjoy it with your friends :) Map by: -=AF=-warrior


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