-=AFL=- Korriban: Resurrection

Korriban: Resurrection is one of those maps that I'm really glad I checked out, but it won't be one that I'll be adding to my server for...


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Korriban: Resurrection is one of those maps that I'm really glad I checked out, but it won't be one that I'll be adding to my server for one reason only - low FPS. :/ I adore the aesthetics of the map. It's beautiful and the layout is good. Thankfully, it seems the spawn points are all in one rooms - so that's good for FFA's. If only the FPS were higher for me, darn it.

So I first spawn in this room of rock and an apparently open ceiling for stargazing. Tall curved pillars flank either side and a small door opens up into a hallway that leads to the room with the platforms that float up and down on the lava. The platforms do disappear for a moment, but I didn't get any damage from walking on the lava when they did. I ventured further through more hallways and finally found myself here. And by here, I mean the room with the grates on the floor. Never has a cliche worked like "Curiousity killed the cat" works here. I find my way down into the sandy pit and I'm immediately greeted by a big Rancor who's eager to add to his collection of bones. So I "noclipped" out. *giggle* Then I found myself deeper in this map where it seems there were a bunch of tombs or something. Ooooh ... and then ... there was the coolest elevator I ever saw. In a place like this, you just can't have the latest technology in elevators, y'know? I don't know if this kind of elevator is featured in the game or if this is purely the author's creation - but I loved it! You press a button by the lift, step on, and then you watch as you go up and a big block goes down. Yes, I'm amused easily. :P

Okay, so there's bot support and there's one new texture - you'll find it on the elevator button. :) The music is from Return of the Jedi, I believe. Bottom line, I like this map. Unfortunately, it's not practical for me unless I turn my graphics way down and I just don't want to do that. Anyway, if your FPS is generally better than mine - you should check out this map. :) Good job, Lord Yoset!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes - one. New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, Duel


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Download 'afl_kor_res.zip' (5.55MB)

Map Name                : -=AFL=- Korriban: Resurrection
Author                  : Lord Yoset
Email Address           : [email protected]
Website URL             : clan just started this site, and the name will change once we get our domain.
Map description         : I wanted to create Korriban's atmosphere the way the AFL likes it. Plenty of dueling areas and room to roam around. Guns are sparse
but I'm sure to add more in a later version hopefully. I'm already hard at work on version 2. Have fun guys, I hope this map gets some server time where you are.
Other info              : No bot support as of yet, workin' on that. Made for duel and ffa game modes. Map's got a secret or 2, but nothing too extraordinary....yet...:P. 
The music is from Star Wars: EPISODE VI "The Emperor's Theme".

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas and the team at Ravensoft for making a truly wonderful sequel to a good game.

Thanks to               : BIG thanks to all AFL members who helped me test it. This map was made with them in mind, thanks guys.
* Play Information *

New Sounds/Music        : YES
New Skins               : NO
New Objects             : NO
New Textures 		: NO
* Construction *
Brush Count             : 3444 Brushes
Vert Count              : Unknown
Entity Count            : Unknown
Base info               : I made this map totally from scratch.
Software used           : GTK Radiant
Known Bugs              :  None to Date.
Build Time              : Approximately 65 hours collectively

* How to use this map *

	Just toss the .pk3 file in your base folder and you're good to go.

* Copyright / Permissions *


<Other Legal info about the use of your map> 

 This map is free to be distributed among anyone who wants it. Please do not exploit this map,
or it's content for personal profits. Enjoy the map, JK3 gamers!

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