Ailyn Vel, daughter of Boba Fett

First let me say that this skin looks nice. Let me then say that I read the Wookieepedia article (Hah! I spelled it right!), and I must say...


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First let me say that this skin looks nice. Let me then say that I read the Wookieepedia article (Hah! I spelled it right!), and I must say that this skin looks like the pictures provided. Then I need to say that I found the history behind this character to be interesting, and sad. She gets killed by Jacen Solo. -_- And I thought he was a nice guy! How could he kill such a cool person!

*ahem* Ailyn Vel is the daughter of Boba Fett. Yes, he had a daughter. Scary, huh? Anyhow, I see very little wrong with this skin, other than *I* think that the tattoo on the eye could be a little bit more to the left, but other than that, I see a very nice reskin of the Gwethenea model. Oh! I saw something! Something that might have been left out from the pictures! :p It's nothing really, just that I saw what looked like vertical blue patches of cloth on one of the pictures on the Wookieepedia article. Anyways, this is a great reskin.

This does come with a MovieBattles replacement, so you can use this skin in MovieBattles!

Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

Ailyn Vel Skin

Author Information
Author: Pahricida (
Email Address: [email protected]

Original Model: Gwethenea model, by Hapslash & Gwethenea (
Sounds: Voxfeminae (
File Information
Title: Ailyn Vel
File Name: ailyn_vel.pk3
MovieBattles2 replacement: zzzz_rax_to_ailyn.pk3
Date Of Release: September  28, 2006

New Sounds: Yes
Botfiles: No
Team Skins: No

This is a skin of Boba Fetts' daughter Ailyn Vel from the Expanded Universe. She is half Kiffar, half Mandalorian and 
pursues a Bounty Hunter career like her father.

Installation Information
Unzip ailyn_vel.pk3 to your gamedata\base directory.
For the Movie Battles 2 replacement place the zzzz_rax_to_ailyn.pk3 into your GameData\MBII directory.
If you want the skin to replace another model just rename the "rax_joris" folder inside the zzzz_rax_to_ailyn.pk3 
to the folder of the model you want to replace.

Construction Information

Build Time: About about 3 hours

Copyright / Permissions


You MAY distribute this addon, provided you include this file, with
no modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact, with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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