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Hmmm ... where to begin. Well, let's see, AIMod, as I understood it, is a mod that mostly changes the behaviour of bots. The bots are suppo...


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Hmmm ... where to begin. Well, let's see, AIMod, as I understood it, is a mod that mostly changes the behaviour of bots. The bots are supposed to be smarter and more of a challenge. Since I don't often play against bots, I can't really compare anything. But I did notice that the bots were much more chatty. Rosh was taunting me with several different taunts while trying to kill me.

Besides the bot A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), the author also included some new gametypes. The ones I tried were Co-op and RPG. With the Co-op sub-gametype, I did find a couple of Jedi who helped me kill some Reborn here and there, but they wouldn't follow me around the map - I kinda had to bring the bad guys to them. With the RPG gametype, I really wasn't sure how that was supposed to work because the NPC's didn't react any differently to my presence. They still tried to kill me. There are some other gametypes to choose from. Look in the readme for more. :)

One of the biggest and best features of this mod are the new saber stances and specials. If you'll take a look at the first screenshot there, you'll see that the first stance is just the Dual-bladed saber with one saber turned off, but then we get into the more interesting stances. I didn't test each stance, but I found some new special moves with some of the new stances. Not only are there new stances for the Dual-bladed saber, but there are also a few new ones for the single saber, when using the Dual-bladed saber. (Hope that made sense.) The fourth screenshot will show you the first of the Dual Sabers stances. The first one should be recognizable, but the following stances are all new. The eighth screenshot below will show you the basic stances for the Single Saber. Light, medium and heavy (or blue, yellow and red) - then following those are 7 new stances for the single saber. I believe there was a special for each new stance, maybe not. There is a screenshot there, showing just two of the new specials. Very cool looking. :)

I had fun playing this mod, but it's not something that I would play for long. As I've stated before in other reviews, I just don't like changing the game too much. But this might be a refreshing change for when you get tired of the same old gameplay. :) My only major complaint would be that the author didn't include real specific instructions on how to play each gametype, or any description at all. Hopefully with your next update, you'll have a more comprehensive readme! :)


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Download '' (1.07MB)

This mod is designed to make the bots much smarter and also work without the need for bot routes. It is evolving!

* Smart A.I. - These bots will supprise you! 
* New saber looks and clash effects. 
* New gametypes.
* Many new lightsaber saber stances.
* New spawning system to allow multiple spawns at a single spawn point. (mainly for co-op).

Changes in beta 5:
* New sub-gametypes. (See below)
* New spawn area system. Play single player maps without telefrags.

Changes in beta 4:
* A.I. now uses a LOT less CPU time!
* RGB saber system now switches off properly.

Changes in beta 3:
* Brand new RGB color saber system. (like old jk2 TCK).

Changes in beta 2:
* A.I. has been improved and now uses less CPU as well.
* New taunt menu system. Use any of a skin's NPC style taunts. (talk like an NPC)
* Fixed a bug with the saber NPC's.
* New saber glow and core shaders. (To become TCK style blade colors)
* Saber glow and blur defaults changed.

cg_saberBlurRadius (Saber's glow radius) 
cg_saberCoreRadius (Saber's core radius) 
bot_thinklevel (CPU to use for bot AI. valid -1 to 6) 
rgb_saber (RGB sabers ON "1" or OFF "0")
bot_randomsabercolors (Bots select random saber colors. ON "1" or OFF "0")
mod_maxnpcs (Maximum number of NPCs to spawn in FFA/TEAM)
mod_subgametype (0 = Normal, 1 = Rancor, 2 = Co-Op, 3 = Attack+, 4 = RPG+, 5 = Assassin+) + = Incomplete.

Extra Info:
INSTALLATION: You need to install the aimod.pk3 into a new "AImod" folder under gamedata. 
eg: gamedata\aimod\aimod.pk3

To use the NPC taunts, either install the jampconfig.cfg to your aimod directory, or use &quot;/bind <key> vchat&quot; at the game console (SHIFT-~).

INFO: This is using my old dark tide code, not the npc code, but yes the bots still fall back to the original code when there is no better option. If you are having problems with speed, try using the bot_thinklevel command to stop it checking for special moves as often. -1 should use none. 0 will use a few here and there, and 6 will make them special any time they can. I plan to use the NPCs in the RPG mod this will become. The bots were made for training, and because the original bots sucked. The bot code is all my own (except it falls back to original routes if needed), no NPC code at all. 

You can contact me at

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