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How many of you have played Knights of the Old Republic? Remember Ajunta Pall? Well this is a skin of the Sith Lord, supposedly the first of...


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How many of you have played Knights of the Old Republic? Remember Ajunta Pall? Well this is a skin of the Sith Lord, supposedly the first of them. Let me start off by saying yes, it is a reborn, but let me add that no, it is not a *typical* reborn.

If you got past the reborn part, let me give you a clue on what you'll get with this skin. You get the default version, a black and white clad reborn with a mean look in his eye. Literally. The author actually modified the face, giving it the sith apprentice's lower face "mask" and making the face look a bit more evil. The clothing, though simple as it may seem, is very truthful to the style of Ajunta Pall from Knights of the Old Republic. I appreciate it for that reason.

Looking for more? We have team skins, as well as an extra skin, "ghost" Ajunta. This version required a "blue glowie" shader, which works very well in this instance. I also love the team skins, just because of the fact that the author chose subdued shades of blue and red rather than blaring neon/bright colors. In my opinion a Sith Lord would not wear bright colors, and I think the color choice here was well made.

We are also given new sounds for this. Most, if not all, are from Knights of the Old Republic. Avid players will recognize the taunts as Ajunta Pall's actual voice from the Korriban side quest. This adds a nice little touch to the skin, making it feel all the more complete.

Now for my gripes. The author stated in his readme that the icons might not work. Well, they don't. Don't ask me why they don't show up, because I don't know... they're very nice looking icons, too. The read-me has information on choosing this as your model without the icons, however, so at least we weren't left in the dark!

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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                                -AJUNTA PALL-

Created by CaptainSkye


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New Sounds
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The first dark jedi fled to Korriban, and became rulers of the nomadic Sith there, thus becoming Sith Lords.
Ajunta, a fierce Sith warrior, was one of the first of the Sith Lords. He was most famous for the powerful sword he forged for himself. The weapon was ledgend, but it ironically was Ajunta's undoing. Ajunta's tomb can be found on Korriban, where his ghostly spectre still haunts the ruins guarding his ancient blade.



NPC: npc spawn ajunta

MODELS: model ajunta
        model ajunta/red
        model ajunta/blue
        model ajunta/ghost


There are no constant glitches that I'm aware of currently. However, there have been problems in the past. It is possible that the game may crash once in a great while after spawning the npc. This is rare and has happened to me with other in-game models, so I can't be sure if it's a unique problem or not. Also, the npc support may or may not work. I have no idea why; it wasn't working so I cleared my base folder and it worked fine. 

Finally, the icons may or may not show up in the main menu. The other pk3 file included in the zip file should fix this, but I can't garuntee it. If the icon doesn't appear, simply type "model ajunta" in the console.




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