Akim Mando

Wow. A reskin of a reskin. Anyway, this is basically a reskin of the Gold Mando, which has darker orange plating, and purple clothing....


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File Description

Wow. A reskin of a reskin.

Anyway, this is basically a reskin of the Gold Mando, which has darker orange plating, and purple clothing.

Good points: the shader makes it look shiny, although it's taken from theosmando. It's not too bright, so your retinas are safe. It also isn't a Reborn.

Bad points: it's a bit too flashy for it's own good. It's kind of distracting, and it's really not the kind of skin that fits in with JKA's atmosphere.

On the whole, it's not bad. It's just that it's not exactly good either. I'm assuming it's an RP skin, so it certainly has uniqueness going for it.

Anyway, if you want another Mandalorian variant, give this a try.

~ Kouen

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Akim Mando

Made by DarthScorpion AKA D'akim Dragco
E-Mail: rheykant@chello.nl

I used the shaders from theosmando on this reskin of the gold mando,
all credits for those and the model go to the original maker of it.


Credits go to Marz Marshall for making this model. 
and to Jackal/Infiltrator aka Zuez for the shader.


To install simply extract the pk3 to your basic JKA base folder, 

A reskin of the gold mando so that it has now a brighter orange/gold colour plating 
and purple clothing underneath.I used difrent shaders from a model called theosmando.
Theres only one skin, but im thinking about updating it later with a jetpack and 
some other colour schemes.

original readme of both origanal skin and reskin in the zip file.

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