OK, so, here's a new variation of the Akim Mando skin. And I say variation both literally and loosely....

....because, after trying it i...


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OK, so, here's a new variation of the Akim Mando skin. And I say variation both literally and loosely....

....because, after trying it in-game, looking at it in ModView, and comparing both side-by-side, I can't see any difference.

This version, however, does come with a few extras. Variants withour the helmet, with the jetpack, and a mix of both the preceding are available. Other than that, it's the same as the other version.

The shader doth not maketh the skin.

In this case, the shader is really all there is. Without the shader, there'd just be a mandalorian with everything in flat orange or purple. Shaders are supposed to be used to enhance a texture, not to create one, and that's a real weakness of this file - it's basically just another skin (made by someone else) darkened. After that, it's just the shader (which was also not made by the author), giving it a sort of shine.

Oh, and for future reference, you don't need to put screenshots inside the zip file - attach them seperately, because they unnecessarily increase filesize, and there's only so many times I'll remove them.

~ Kouen

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes Team Support: No (uses default skin)

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Download 'akimmandoblue.zip' (5.18MB)

Akim Mando Blue V1

Made by DarthScorpion AKA D'akim Dragco
E-Mail: rheykant@chello.nl

I used the shaders from theosmando on this reskin of the gold mando,
all credits for those and the model go to the original maker of it.


Incase the icons do not show, use these consolecommands to load each file.

/model	AkimBlue/default		Blue skin, no jetpack but with helm.
	AkimBlue/defaultpac		Blue skin, with jetpack and helm.
	AkimBlue/defaultnohelm		Blue skin, no helm, and no jetpack.
	AkimBlue/defaultnohelmpac	Blue skin, no helm, but with jetpack.


Credits go to Marz Marshall for making this model. 
and to Jackal/Infiltrator aka Zuez for the shader.


To install simply extract the pk3 to your basic JKA base folder, 

A reskin of the gold mando so that it has now a brighter orange/gold colour plating 
and dark blue clothing underneath. I used the same shaders as my previous skin. 
There are here also several versions, you can chose to use the model with a jetpack, without helm, 
without both or with both on. 

original readme of both origanal skin and reskin in the zip file. The AkimMando file and this 
one where suposed to be a skin pack, but because it failed to be send out, probaly cos it was
to big, so i seperated the skins.

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