Alaxzor Tzaan

Back in the driver's seat and ready to roll, yours truly grasps a skin that is in desperate need of a review.

And an overhaul.

And a...


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Back in the driver's seat and ready to roll, yours truly grasps a skin that is in desperate need of a review.

And an overhaul.

And a second version.

Sith Master throws his royal flush down in the form of a Chiss Reskin, hoping to beat out the best in the hand.

Unfortunately, it somewhat turns out to be a folding hand, as it looks just a bit too cartoonish for my tastes. The skin is of a Jedi named Alaxzor Tzaan, who was struck down by Dooku during the Clone Wars. Whether or not this guy really exists is beyond my grasp but if he did I would venture to say he was than likely put out of his misery and less murdered.

Lack of team colors really puts a hurt on this skin (don't get me wrong, it's not a total loss...even though it technically is just a recolor) but the author shouldn't discourage himself from continuing on his path to skinning success.

Next version I would like to see more detailed clothing, as well as some team colors to go with it. Chalk up maybe a different-looking face (one that isn't Michael Jacksonized) and some facial features like a scar or facial hair...SOMETHING different and it'd be a good skin.

- Chrono

New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No

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Skin's Name             : Alaxzor Tzaan
Pk3's name		: zalaxzor_tzaan.pk3
Author                  : sith_master_3000
Email Address           : [email protected]
Skin's description      : Alaxzor is a Jedi Knight who was around at the time of the Clone Wars. He was alone on a mission when he was attacked by Count Dooku. The two battled hard but Alaxzor was struck down. A reskin of the Chiss (bartender) model, I made his blue face skin colour and gave him Jedi Clothes.
Additional Credits to   : Lucas for creating Starwars, RavenSoft for making such a great game.
* Construction *
Base                    : Chiss
Editor used             : Word pad, Paintshop Pro 7.04, Mod View
Known Bugs              : None
Build/Animation time    : 3 days
CTF		        : No
Bot support             : Yes
Sound                   : No 
* Installation *
Unzip zalaxzor_tzaan.pk3 to your Jedi Academy Base directory. eg. for me it's

* Copyright / Permissions *
Feel free to distribute this anywhere, just make sure you keep the Readme.txt intact, also drop me an email and let me know where you uploaded Jango to :D

Thanks,and Enjoy...

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