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Have you unlocked all of the secrets of Jedi Academy?

Okay, maybe that's a bit too intriguing for this file. All that in includes are c...


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Have you unlocked all of the secrets of Jedi Academy?

Okay, maybe that's a bit too intriguing for this file. All that in includes are commands to type in to get certain skins or models that you can't choose from the player menu for the game. Such as wearing the Hoth/winter clothes in multiplayer. Or maybe you'd rather play as Kyle, but have death sounds like a Rancor or Wampa. If this is something that interests you, download this file for the list of commands.


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Download '' (2KB)

Well, First I was too lazy to really think about the
secret models or find them out, so I downloaded the
Hidden Skins Text File from and there
weren't all in it. So I decided to make a new File
with it, that everyone can enjoy all the base skins...


To get them, just type "/model xxx" in the console...
xxx Stands for:

boba_fett/no_jetpack   (Boba Fett without jetpack, makes only sense in SP with "/playermodel xxx")
cultist/brown          (a brown cultist)
imperial/commander     (like the normal imperial, but with dark blue commander uniform)
imperial/officer       (like the normal imperial, but with brown officer uniform)
jawa                   (Jawa)
jedi/j2                (another Jedi Apprentice)
jedi/master            (another Jedi Master in some kind of beige Jedi outfit)
reborn_twin/boss       (black armored Reborn Master)
reborn/boss            (like the one from JO)
human_merc/racto       (like Racto from SP)
human_merc/key_carrier (not much difference to normal merc, but still there is)
prisoner/elder         (one of the elders, green outfit)
prisoner/elder2        (another one of the elders, green outfit, grey hair)
prisoner/merchant      (grey outfit and grey hair)
stormtrooper/officer   (Stormtrooper Officer with yellow shoulder pad)
tavion_new/possessed   (Tavion like she looked when possessed by Ragnos in SP)


Now this get's nasty:
For Hoth Clothes in MP:

(NOTICE: The | is not an L or an i... I get it with &quot;Alt + Ctrl + <&quot;)
(Another way to get that is: Hold Alt, really hold it... Then)
(go to the Numpad, or Numblock, the Numbers on your right side and)
(type 1, 2 and 4, like typing &quot;124&quot; and then, release the Alt button)
(Now I hope this works fine with everyone...)

Human Male
jedi_hm/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Black Human with Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hm/head_b1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Blond Human with Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hm/head_b2|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Blond Human with Hoth Clothes, but without Hands)
jedi_hm/head_c1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Human with short brown hair and Hoth Clothes)

Human Female
jedi_hf/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Female with Brown &quot;High&quot; Hair and Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hf/head_b1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Blond Female with Hoth Clothes)
jedi_hf/head_c1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Female with Brown Hair and Hoth Clothes)

Now I can't describe a Kel Dor's or Rodian's or Zabrak's or Twi'lek's Face, just try them)

Kel Dor Male
jedi_kdm/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Just try those 3 until you get the one you like)

Rodian Male
jedi_rm/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Just try those 3 until you get the one you like)

Zabrak Female
jedi_zf/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (Just try those 3 until you get the one you like)

Twi'lek Female (Just try those 8 until you get the one you like)
jedi_tf/head_a1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (a is for tails hanging down)
jedi_tf/head_b1|torso_g1|lower_e1 (b is for one tail around the neck)


Now if you like to have a cool dying sound and don't mind playing with
Kyle, then type &quot;/model rancor&quot; or &quot;/model wampa&quot; without the &quot; in your
console... You don't get the model or a taunt by them, but when someone
hurts you or kills you or you fall to death then you hear their screams...
I like that, hehe... Perhaps you, too...


Well, I hope you enjoy trying all this...
Misanthropic Revan

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