Let's face it, it was only a matter of time till someone turned a reborn into Altair. Granted, a reborn is somewhat justified in thi...


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Let's face it, it was only a matter of time till someone turned a reborn into Altair. Granted, a reborn is somewhat justified in this case, seeing as it's pretty much the closest thing we have to the eons-old 9-fingered assassin. Sadly enough, it's not all that great.

The author took the reborn and desaturated all its clothes, increased the contrast a whole lot, seemingly tried to render some lighting on it and then took a brush and did some paintwork. The straps holding Altair's holster and what's supposed to be his belt are textured on, as well as some folds and details from the reborn are covered up. The gloves have also been brightened and covered with a skin-colored overlay. I'm not sure what the author tried to do around the mouth, but it's got some black around it as well.

The resemblance is there from a distance only. When you get to the point where you can actually make out what's there, you'll start seeing the faults. The details are missing and, in many cases, main elements of Altair's outfit, such as the bracers and the correct belt. The textures don't line up all that well either, which might not bug some of you.

All in all, seeing as it's the author's first skin, I suppose it's not that bad. At least he did more than a simple desaturation or recolor, so props for being on the right track. Keep practicing and improving, we like to see those two things 'round these parts.

We have a slight improvement here in a version 2, but most of the points Jose brought up in his last review seemed to be ignored by the author. Let me just point out that you could do a very good Altair skin on top of the basic reborn model. You just have to put a lot more time into it than seems to be put into this skin.

Let's start by noting the differences between this skin and the character of Altair from Assassin's Creed. The first thing I really noticed was that this skin still uses the default reborn face. Altair's face is much different (I believe he even have some stubble) and his skin tone is much lighter than on this skin. That baffles me a little, as I don't remember the original skin tone being this dark. It's as if the author actually darkened it, despite the character not having much of a tan. Although with all those robes on I'm not surprised.

Jose's suggestion that the skin lacked in important details still holds true. The author seemed to think that by desaturating the original textures and adding some filters he was coming close to the look of the original character. This is, for the most part, untrue. As noted in the first review the bracers are still missing. Sure they might look a bit odd skinned on, but I would contend that ignoring them completely is to ignore an important part of the character. The cross-strap on the torso is not the same style as the original character, and the red wrapping around his waist ignores the brown belt that should be over top of it. And of course let's not forget the fingerless glove on Altair's left hand, which is missing from this skin. Oh yes, and his boots are brown, not grey.

There are a lot of discrepancies here, so I think if the author really took some time, grabbed a lot of pictures of Altair, and sat down and really tried to make something that looked like Altair rather than a white reborn, we could have a really good likeness of the character. There's still a long way to go, though, as I'd really only say this skin has a passing resemblance to Altair. As I mentioned earlier, it really just seems more like a white reborn to me until the important character-defining details are added.

Team Support: Default Reborn Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Readme File:
TITLE: Altairv2

FILENAME: Altairv2.pk3

place the Altair.pk3 into your base folder, Simple to uninstall just remove it from that folder.

DESCRIPTION**: Altair from Assasins creed

BUGS: None atm

COMMENTS: I thought that I would create a basic Altair skin from a reborn (Yes I know another reborn reskin, but it fits) Its pretty basic
so expect nothing special, Hope you like it (Its my first Re-Skin)

**Version 2**- Basically changed alot of things because the last one I 
rushed and turned out bad, Yes this is still a reborn re-skin but 
alot better than my first


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