Altair, The Assassin

To quote Mr Retruthan's review of the prior version:Only sounded like a matter of time before this skin came out.

To preface, I wi...


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To quote Mr Retruthan's review of the prior version:

Only sounded like a matter of time before this skin came out.

To preface, I will admit that I have never played Assassin's Creed(don't own the consoles necessary, anyway.) As such, research was necessary to see what this man Altair looked like.

=_o well, allow me to now state that this is a reborn skin, and whilst the screenshots make it look alright, it all seems to be smoke and mirrors. Looking closely, a lot of this skin's cloth seems to be the tragic result of a photoshop filter. The result looks like some sorta potato sack look, and whilst it would probably be more periodically fitting, over 75% of mankind doesn't care about periodic realism, and thus it doesn't achieve the cloth look necessary to maintain accuracy. In fact O_o it looked like Altair was wearing chainmail greaves for pants.

The accessories naturally feel very fake, and as such harms the quality of the skins' feel, crying out a need for a model. A rather noticeable bug from the front is that the red accessory in the front has a texture misalignment at the waist, and thus takes the quality down another notch.

The face is hard to judge, as not much was really done to it. The facial hair coloration to match up, that's for certain. The moustache was very sloppily done, as it seems unnaturally lopsided.

Overall, whilst the heart was in it, the execution could have been a little better. The skin in its current form seems a bit sloppy, its potential unrealized. Comb back through your skin's content, and see what you could do to possibly remedy the problems presented before you. As I said, there was good intent, but it just didn't cut the cake.

- Averus Retruthan

Now what has changed, you ask? Well then, I oblige.

Wristbands are changed, the one on the right arm seems a little better having a bit of a wrap-around filter applied. The left arm still reminds me of those weird Pompeii pyschics from Doctor Who, y'know, the ones whose arms were starting to turn to stone.

Apparently the torso is much improved, but I'm not really seeing that. What I see is a photoshop filter applied, made really bright - and inconsistently between textures - with some Altair-ish elements pased over. I'd be lying if I said it looked like Altair's robes in anything other than color scheme....

New pants, which basically means black jeans. Quick Google for a reference image shows that this is not what Altair wore, and jeans probably didn't even exist back then anyway. Just imagine Shakespeare doing product placement for Levis within his plays.... The boots also now look like a cat decided to scratch off the layers of crayon colored over them; they appear to have been sharpened and dissolved to give an effect of degradation.

The team skins, which are new, consist of the same outfit with kinda bright red/blue pants.

As for the face, not very Altair. But neither is the rest of the skin, sorry. I'd be lying my ass off if I tried to point out how this is close to Altair, just Google the images for yourself. It's a reborn, it is what it is; Altair is not a reborn. Trying to skin a character over a model which frankly looks as close to their likeness as I do to Frank Sinatra's, it never works.

And frankly.... I think the last version was better. >_>

~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: No NPC Profiles: No Team Colors: Yes Custom Audio: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Altair, The Assassin V2
AUTHOR: Klinger
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: Altair, The Assassin.pk3

CREDITS: This time for Eon, who was standing in one place for 3 minutes, so I can make new Icon, Modview, which has started suddenly, and still Krystian for showing me GIMP

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: GameData/Base folder...simply put there this .pk3 file

DESCRIPTION: Second version of my Altair, which is just a Reborn reskin

BUGS: This time not one bug

COMMENTS: This time, red belt in front is better, and there are team skins


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