Altiri Isle

Well, this isn't a bad little map. While it may be rather small, it's not bad. Like, all maps, it could use some work. But let's just go ove...


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Well, this isn't a bad little map. While it may be rather small, it's not bad. Like, all maps, it could use some work. But let's just go over the map.

Well, apparently, the author made all the terrain in this map from scratch, and I can see how that would be a problem. But I didn't see why the author didn't use EasyGen to make the terrain. Anyways, there are two little islands in this map, and they're connected by a rope bridge. I was kind of disappointed that it didn't move, but that would probably take some scripting to do, and it might not even work. Oh well. I will say one thing right off the bat about the main area of this map. And that is that there is very little lighting. Sure, there's lighting around the little podium, and at each end of hte rope bridge, but that's about it. Other than those areas, there is very little lighting on the outside of this map.

Okay, one of the other places in this map is a little library. It has the bookshelves of a library, but there don't appear to be any books in them. It just seems to look like a sand texture to me. There are some books lying around, however, so that's nice. I must admit, that I was confused on how to get out. But, after stumbling around for a little bit, I found the teleport point.

The second room I found to be kind of cool. It's kind of like a sewer, but then again, it's not like one. I like how it's subterranean. I also liked how the pillars seemed to be a light source. But then there was the water. No, I'm not really complaining about the shader, but how it was used. But it's just that the water looks like carpeting from the screenshot. Last time I checked, water does not look like carpeting.

One of the other things that I liked about this map was the music. It really seemed to suit the map. Nice and calm.

Okay, other than the lighting and some effects, this wasn't a bad little map.:)

New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes New Models: No Bot Support: No Gametypes: Free for all, team free for all, duel


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Download '' (14.71MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Altiri Isle Map
Author: Iniatha Dialance

Mapname: Altiri Isle
Filename: Altiri.pk3
Filesize: 14,7 Mb 

The map excists out of 2 Isle's connected with a bridge inbetween, further there are 2 rooms of which 1 is a library and the other one is a kind of hallway (which we named ''HallOfWhisperers'').
These 2 area's can be accesed and exited by teleporters.
The exit in the HallOfWhisperers is located into the gate, just stand in it and jump straight up.

Brushes: 5026
Entities 311
Supported Gametypes: Free for all, team free for all, duel

New textures: Yes
New music: Yes
New models: No
Botsupport: No

I've made the terrain by hand, which was truly a pain in the ass and further I just hope u'll all enjoy the map :)

Installation instructions:
Place the pk3 in your base jka folder.

-Darth Norman (I used the water shader from Arevass as base for my own)
-The people that have helped me with testing and that critizised my map.

Known Bugs:
-In the library the caps dont match up exactly on the bookshelfs.
-In the hall of whisperers there is a weird line drawn near the ceiling and near the entrance, I dont know how this is possible because there isnt supposed to be anything at all there.


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