Alzoc 3 Capital

For those of you familiar with Krattle's Coruscant, or the more recent FFA Corellia, you will instantly recognize and come to enjoy the fin...


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For those of you familiar with Krattle's Coruscant, or the more recent FFA Corellia, you will instantly recognize and come to enjoy the final update to his map, THE ALZOC III CAPITAL =_=.

In earnest, a good chunk of the map has retained the nature of its previous counterparts, so let's see what our friend Lady Forge had to say about the previous "version".

I must say, this is one of the most amazing maps I've seen. After testing the map for the better part of a half hour (and I'm sure I didn't test every area, it was that big) I only found one error.

This is Corellia. It's a very metropolitan take on Corellia, featuring many of the high-flying aspects of Coruscant. It's basically three skyscrapers jutting out of the sky of Corellia, each holding their own secrets to discover. I use the word "secrets" lightly, so don't take it literally. There were so many areas to explore, but I'll narrow it down to a few. First I'll start with the outside. Basically the outside is what it sounds like - the area outside of the towers. It features landing platforms, bridges between the towers (lest you fall to an unpleasant death), as well as various signs and displays. Quite possibly the coolest thing about these maps is that very little of the detail is static. Things blink and rotate, adding quite heavily to the metropolitan feel of the map. It is very reminiscent of Coruscant from Episode II.

Inside the towers is plenty to explore. For instance I managed to find several vehicles (so to speak). Inside one of the towers was some kind of small ground vehicle, though unusable, and outside the towers were a cloakshape fighter and what looked like a T-16 skyhopper. That part was cool, because you can actually go inside of it from within one of the towers. Finding your way around these towers is no easy task, though. Just when I thought I'd seen everything, I'd find out that the elevators went down too!

This is one of those maps that just seems ideal for an RP server. It's huge, has plenty of areas, as well as many things to "claim" as your own, including rooms, cantinas, and even what seemed like a black market stash of weapons, hidden behind some breakable glass. The one thing I found kind of distracting was that the atmosphere in certain areas seemed a little "misty", foggy even, though perhaps it's just my eyes. Still, ane excellent map, and certainly worth a download from anyone who considers themselves a map connoisseur.

In essence, the map pretty much has mostly additions and one subtraction I could note. For example, the Sky-high factor was subtracted in this version, and instead of falling to your death, you fall into a lower area with large pipes that slow eats away at your health until you get out. Should you find it, an elevator goes from there to a building with the glass doors in the previous one. This building has been renovated as well, the elevator you would have taken being the only functional one.

The main addition was a new building. You're presented with a magnificent revolving glass door and a marble lobby. Quite magnificent. Going up the 'vator, one can then explore the new interesting interiors and MAKE MERRY =_=.

Another small addition was a large catwalk that can be used for multiple purpose. Nothing too useful here other than a sniper and a glass platform.

Other than that, it's almost like the previous versions, but with an atmosphere change(skybox, music, etc.) applied to it. Personally, however, I believe said change was for the better. I personally suggest you initiate Project Take A Look Around And See If You Could Use It. =_,=

GIVE ME BANDWIDTH OR I GIVE YOU DEATH =_= Man, I love twisting and destroying historical quotes..

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (26.2MB)

Title: Alzoc 3 Capital City
Author: Krattle
E-mail address:

Level Information: Multiplayer
Brushes: 7752
Entities: 1298
Music: Yes (Road to the West from Cowboy Bebop by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts)
Botroutes: No
New Textures/Shaders: Yes
New Models: Yes

Programs Used
GtkRadiant 1.4.0
Adobe Photoshop CS2

A group of skyscrapers in the mountains of Alzoc 3.  Flying verhicles and 
floating ad pods lend a futuristic atmosphere to the map.  The FPS is very bad, 
but that cannot be avoided with such a large map where many 
rooms have large windows from which one can see almost the entire map.

This is the end product of a long chain of maps that stretches all the way 
back to Jedi Outcast.  The first was ffa_coruscant and the first JA update was 
called ffa_corellia.  This, the third and final update is set in the capital 
city of Alzoc 3.  Cannonicity was not a concern of mine while making this map 
so if this is not how Alzoc 3 is "supposed to look," deal with it.

Dad*Mad for the Palace Wars polished marble textures.
DEADLOCK for the Matrix Dojo wood textures.
Eniac for the black and white marble textures.
Rob Adarin for the Outrider textures.
Stamper for the Coruscant Underlevels textures.
Starunner for the Coruscant Promenade textures.
SzicoVII for the NeoTokyo textures.
MDN14 for bot routes.

Aurebesh, Alphashadow, and Blade Runner textures are my own textures.  Permission
is not necessary if you wish to use them; just be sure to credit me.

The skybox is from the Jedi Oucast Demo.

Extract the ZIP file using WinRAR or WinZIP, place the extracted files 
in the Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/Game Data/base folder.  Then simply start
JA MP, create a Solo Match or start your own server and it should
appear under ffa, team ffa, and duel.


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