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Ever wondered what it was like to pilot a pod racer. I have from time to time and I've found out as well. It's a painstaking task to keep it...


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Ever wondered what it was like to pilot a pod racer. I have from time to time and I've found out as well. It's a painstaking task to keep it going in a straight line :\. Okay so this is Anakins pod, took me a while to figure out how to spawn it after trying anakins_pod and all other variations.. Aparently it's just Anipod which was in the readme, shows what happens when you don't look! The vehicle itself isn't too bad. It does look amazingly basic though. It's modelled from a swoop bike so you know when the swoop hovers slightly, this does the same but oooh so different this thing doesn't hover.. IT JUMPS. Sometimes it's a nightmare to get in it. Also when you do manage to get in you'll notice it's hella fast. I crossed the entire of farcry of the jedi in under 2 seconds, that's from edge to edge.

Now for problems the only one I really had was the handling of it, usually I'm fine with any sort of handling because it evens out the vehicle. But once you get this pod going in one direction, you'll be damned if you can stop it without taking 5-10 seconds getting it into another. Also another thing that bugged me is that the pod would tilt from side to side for no reason what so ever. I found that to be more annoying that a nice little addon. So yeah although I think this is a good vehicle you'd need alot of space on a map to use it.

(also the screenshots are dark because farcry of the jedi is the only map large enough to try testing it on, that's with brightness up too, might need a better monitor :P)


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Title: Sebulba's Pod Racer
Modeling: Duncan 10158
Skins: Duncan 10158
Vehicle Imports: Duncan
Efx,HUD,Cfg: duncan
Released to the public by Lindsey of Jedi Knight Films

Transformed into

Title: anipod
Modeling: Duncan 10158
Skins: Jack - Sith lord
Vehicle Imports: Duncan
Cfg: Jack - sith lord


Website: http//

File Name: Pod_anikan.pk3 
File Size: 773KB 
Date Released: 7/10/2004 

Description: This is the Pod racer that Anikan drove in EP1.

Please, Feel free to this model from darkside mod


Installation : 

Extract or copy the Pod_anikan.pk3 to your Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder.

To uninstall simply Remove from base

To spawn the vehicle first enable cheats > type /helpusobi 1 into the console 
and then type /NPC spawn vehicle anipod


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