Ancient Egyptian Catacombs



here and there, this could turn out very nicely. The basic theme here is that you're in an egyptian underground complex, with many tight corridors and a balanced weapons placement schemata. It's very well made for a classic Q3-Style guns-only FFA. Now, let's see what exactly needs to be tweaked here.1.) Atmosphere: Lighting is definitely going to improve this map ten-fold, because as it stands, it's just too bright to be a catacombs. Catacombs are usually dark, and lighting is very sparse, but you can still add enough light to make it navigable without spoiling the mood. Definitely get to experimenting with lighting as soon as you get your hands on a good tutorial, and don't be afraid to try adding in some music to suit the mood.2.) Technical Tweaks: Alright, so I can see as a mapper you're off to a good start. You've shown proficiency in making standard brushes, ramps, curves, and had adequate practice using textures and even some map objects. Now you gotta do some tweaks. I noticed one particular corridor had two mismatching walls, which seemed a little off, and the random "Yavin" room was VERY awkward. One of the textures for your wall awasn't included(It's JK2 texture,) and resulted in a missing texture error, and your grass(?) texture was tiled as opposed to stretched out over the area, which made it look quite weird. Actually, the whole Yavin room seemed rather out of place in conjunction with the rest of the architecture, so maybe next version might be wise to change that until you have a better mastery of nature design.3.) Tactical Tweaks: Alright, so while I said the weapons placement was balanced, I meant the weapon selection. The placement of the weapons and the items themselves is a tad systematical, but the health and shield pickups suffer the most here. The health and the shields were all confined to one room, one room for shields, the other for health. They were a fair distance apart, but already I can see this being a problem, as people may begin to camp at these locations to try and hold monopoly on these pickups, which may make gameplay slightly irritating. I'd recommend placing more of these pickups around the map, so you can avoid that detrimental scenario. Otherwise, nice job placing the weapons.So with all that in mind, I can only imagine what awesome that this map could hold in the future. I gotta say I'm rather impressed by this creation. You've really put some gumption into this piece, and I would so very much like to see a cleaned up version 2 of this, man. No kiddin'Even for a first map, this is definitely worth a look, lads n' lasses. Give 'er a peek if you're after something a little close quarters, 'cause this'll definitely get the job done.New Textures: NayNew Music: NaySecrets to plunder: NayBot Support: Aye- Averus Retruthan


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