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Livingdeadjedi brings us another masterpiece, and I'll tell you right now you're not going to have much fun on this map unless you get a good group to play with, simply because you'll never be able to find each other! This map is huge, perfect for large free for all, and it's just beautiful. Mixed with indoor and outdoor areas, both the various corridors and the mile-high rock faces are wonderfully done.

The outdoor areas are bright, but not brighter than you would expect given the overcast sky. The meshed walkways connect various buildings, leaving many places to potentially fall to a gruesome death in the lava below, and the rocky skybox perfects the atmosphere. To add to the somewhat industrial feel, large pipes stretch from one building to another, so if you fall you might be lucky enough to land on one of them. And boy do those pipes look stunning. I've never appreciated plumbing quite so much before.

The inside is a mix between an industrial atmosphere and a more medieval one. The walls are mainly stone, lined with crystal-like lights, but some more advanced technology makes an appearance, such as control panels, lighted bridges, and some very neat looking mechanical doors. The lighting hops back and forth between white lights and blue lights, occasionally accompanied by a red glow from some lava.

The really neat part about this map is how varied the architecture is from one area -- or even one corridor -- to the next. You'll rarely feel like you've been in the same place twice, but somehow the map still holds a sense of unity of style. Both the lighting and architecture vary enough to keep the map continuously interesting, and there is no lack of details, ranging from arched bridges to warning signs. A good word for this map would be complete. It is very much complete, with very little lacking or that could be significantly improved upon. Even botrouting has been included, which is a must-have for a map as large as this (I can imagine some great bot matches to be played here!). Definitely a must-have.

Bot SupportYes New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes




Map name                : Ancient_Outpost
Map background          : Old ancient settlement on a distant planet
Game                    : Jedi Academy Multi-Player
Game Type               : Free for All
Version                 : 1.01
Date                    : January 20, 2005

Author                  : livingdeadjedi
Email                   : [email protected]
Web                     : www.ldjmaps.jolt.co.uk

Map description         : You and your team have become trapped on a World once settled by the ancients.
                          As with many ancient worlds there is a mix of new and old technology..
                          But as your team scan the area you soon realise your not alone

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, Raven Software
                          Great thanks have to goto
                          SITH J CULL  whos stargate i used
                          WADE whos dial home decice (DHD) came in very handy

Thanks to               : Darth Alex, Several Sided Sid, Darth Hunter, Shadriss, Gothix, Caboosium and all the crew at Map-                          Review.com


New Textures            :  YES   Skybox made by: Patrick Haslow  if you want to use it contact him at                            [email protected] ... his skybox really came in useful in this map
                           other textures by Sith J cull and wade please ask persmission before using their textures for the
                           DHD and the stargate
New Sounds              :  Yes
New Skins               :  NO
New Objects             :  NO
New Music               :  YES

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 14141
Entity Count            : 483
Base info               : original map
Software used           : Radiant 1.4, Adobe Photoshop
Known Bugs              : You might find some ...they crawl up ya leg in the dungeon ^_^


This map is best played with 3 or more  players.

We have fully tested it with 10 bots.. and did get an FPS drop in the outside area
let me know how the map runs for you all as its quite a difficult one to have good FPS on with lots of players

I MUST STRESS  this map has been tested by other people...  FPS for me was 60 and 40 in the wide open areas
but my comp is high end so if you have a low end system the outside areas might be very bad as alot can be seen at once.....

* How to use this map *

Simply place ancient_outpost.pk3 in your GameData\base directory

Gameplay is even better if you download all the Stargate weapon mods available

i have these but i could not contact the authors so have no permission to release them


* Copyright / Permissions *


Most things in this map can be used by anyone apart from the skybox the Stargate and the DHD which ive mentioned... BUT just remember to change any textures or shaders filenames so they dont affect the ones in this map

Thats is... HAVE FUN  .

P.S  try to find the hidden Jetpack ;)

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