Angelic Weapons Final

Okay, now this is a cool/interesting little pack of additional weapons. :)

Konra provides us with the Angelic Weapons Final pack. Basica...


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Okay, now this is a cool/interesting little pack of additional weapons. :)

Konra provides us with the Angelic Weapons Final pack. Basically, this is a pack consisting of swords, modified lightsabers, staffs, scepters and shields. They can be used in MP in either standard form, but i think they would work better in one of the melee mods.

overall, the artwork of these models is very impressive. The designs look cool, and they're things I might intend to keep on using. ;)

One problem I'm not too happy about is that I don't think Konra is aware of the features of the saber system. I say this because even though the swords and shields have no lightsaber blades, they still make the humming sound and burn holes in the walls ala lightsaber, which looks very weird.

If you can get over that little glitch, it's definately a worthwhile download. :D


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Angelic Weapons Final
By Konra Obbri (aka hegemonial, aka etc)


So like, here it is! The final version
of the angelic weapons. If you've been
keeping track of this at some,
then you will recognize this. For my
sanity, the best I can give is a 
recompilation of the readmes from past
updates to fill you guys in :-\.

Version 1 Readme (more or less, i lost the origional)
I made an angel shield and an angel saber. Hopefully,
you guys will like it. The saber is kinda neat but the
shield is blury. Hope you all like!

Version 2 readme
So, last version was a disaster. That shield, putrid. Not to worry. Ive 
made a new version, as promised. All the weapons are angel related, as 
they were before. Basically, I updated the single saber model, and the
shield's textures. But i didn't stop there. I made two different staffs.
One of them is the normal type of every day staff. The other, when stance
switched, turns into tavion's stance (Angel Staff 2). I also included a
single blade sword, which, not to sound concieted, I think looked pretty
cool. To top things off, a new shield was included as well. This leaves
a total of 6 sabers.

Hopefully you will all find this version much more pleasing. Suggestions
are welcome!

Final Version Readme
Most of the oldersabers are untouched,
except maybe "angelsword."But I took upon
the liberty of adding new ones! So like,
people told me they liked the shield concept,
so you now get two more of those. In addition,
there is a melee saber, which is basically
a staff style single saber with no hilt. 
It looks cooler than it sounds. It also 
does knockback. 

So that's all the simple stuff. I decided it
would be boring to see the same old stuff from
me. So here comes the Angelic Scepter. Unluckily,
JA doesn't support adding new scepters. So it's
a staff saber. But it's cool. It's got nifty
blade effect. It also does shockwave damage as
I call it when it hits a wall or an object. Now,
this would seem to unbalance it, but being the 
genious I am (yea right), I replaced the butterfly
with staff kata, and the staff kata with the
stabdown move, which is hard to land but it WILL
do damage and hurt like hell if it does.

But we can't leave the single saber out of the loop.
I've made one new singlesaber hilt, probably one of
the better ones you'd see from me. It also has a custom
nuetral stance to spice things up a bit :-P.

And back to the shields, I have made a right handed
shield, since I kinda neglected those before. It is
"angelshield4" in the console, no quotes, for when
you enter /saber1 or /saber codes. 

Speaking of which, here is a list for entering it
in the console:


Also, on a more irrelevant note, I've got a new
photographer, since last time my pictures were just
horrid. So give a nice applaus to Phallus.

Extract the .pk3's into your gamedata/base folder. 
Believing in the power of choice, they are all separate,
in case you don't want melee or shields or whatever.


Phallus: Beta testing, and thank god, getting screenies.
Rikutian: Beta testing.
Kurt: Testing.

And everyone else for giving me the suggestions and
support I needed!

Legal and contact info

I am in no way responsible for possible damage caused 
by this mod. I am not affiliated with Ravensoft, 
LucasArts, or any counterparts or associates.

To use any parts of this mod, you MUST ask direct permission 
by emailing me at:

 [email protected]

Enjoy the mod!

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