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The first thing I noticed when I started this map up was that it had been compiled using the full bright compile, and it’s very bright :(...


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The first thing I noticed when I started this map up was that it had been compiled using the full bright compile, and it’s very bright :(

Hmmm well, I don’t know whether this is a first map or anything, as the author didn’t say.

For starters, some of the technical aspects of this map aren’t too bad, there are teleporters, a few rounded patches here and there, an NPC spawn room and….a couple of spiral staircases (I haven’t yet figured out how to properly do those lol), the kinda stuff I didn’t know how to do when I first started mapping.

However, there are quite a few things lacking, that a good map really needs, the first is proper lighting :(

Using the BSP –meta compile makes everything light all over, its best to use a sun entity or something, and make sure to place other light entities to light up the inside of buildings n stuff. Try using BSP –meta –vis –light –fast –filter (try or for some good tutorials on sun entities and other things)

Another is that it has quite low fps in some places, probably caused by all the tree models.

Also remember, when you are doing double doors, in the entity window in GTK Radiant, type team for the key bit, and bigdoors or bigdoors1 or something like that, for the value part (make sure the value is different for every set of double doors) on both doors, this way your double doors will ALWAYS open at exactly the same time, because on this map I noticed that each door of the double doors seemed to open independently.

Plus, most of the signs over the doors seemed to be in German :/

There also wasn’t any music on it either :’(

Faults aside, there was one thing on this map I LOVED, it was the lamer prison, there were these pits in the floor, where you can just dump a lamer, then you press this button and these cool doors close over the top, I absolutely loved that part, it was really cool! :D :D

All in all, it’s a good try, there are some nice features on this map, however, there are quite a few bits that need working on. Good luck on your next map mate! :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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***	ANP City by -=ÅNP=-Any-MB-	***
***	 -=ÅNP=-  Ancient Players	***
***    Visit us:	***

map-file: anp-city.bsp
version: 0.7 (Beta)
date: march 2005

 - several houses
 - a forrest
 - a bot-fightroom
 - much more


this map has no bot-route-data!


--- Instalation ---

simply extract the pk3-file (anp-city.pk3)
from zip-archiv to your
".../gamedata/base" folder.


mapped by -=ÅNP=-Any-MB-

my clan's members

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