Antiquus Roma

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thousands of years ago. :(Either way, it's a fairly good quality map. It looks nice too, but it has a few optical illusions. One being, that you can't get out of the village and go right up to the wall. There also seems to be invisible ceilings on-top of the arena barrier, but not on higher parts like the area with the single chair in it. Shame really, as you don't get a very good, unobstructed view of the map with these boundries. A few pieces of model clipping exist on the arena itself.Otherwise, the map itself is fairly good looking. It's functional, and multilayered (to a point, sort of), and it would probably make for a very good role playing map if the villas were accessible. All we need know is some Roman Centurion and soldier models, and it could be a very good, fully themed map. :)MP-wise, it meets most of the requirements (multiple gametypes, new textures and models, etc). Other than the few model nitpicks, I didn't really see anything wrong with it. Check it out for yourselves.Gametypes: FFA, Team FFA, Duel, Power DuelNew Models: YesNew Textures: YesNew Music: YesBot Support: Yes-SuperSmeg


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