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It seems this author has taken pity on "Any clan that either doesn't have a skinner or is just to lazy to create their own skins." ;) What w...


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It seems this author has taken pity on "Any clan that either doesn't have a skinner or is just to lazy to create their own skins." ;) What we have here is kinda like a template clan skinning pack. The author has supplied the skin bases, and all the clans have to do is stick their name on it, maybe change the colours, and voila! :)

Of course, it wont be for everybody - Many clan's would probably prefer completely customised ones, but here's a good way to start off. About the skins themselves, there's 'a general clan setup' i.e. a Leader skin, 3 member skins, 1 trainer skin e.t.c. Personally, I think the pimp is the best skin. He looks like one of those lazy drunken bums who slob on couches all day ;) Very pleasing design. The other skins are all of pretty high quality stuff. The author mentiones these are some of his first skins, and he/she has done a very good job. The worst one in my opinion, was the Rosh reskin. He looks kinda like a punk, with green spray-on hair :p It's not bad by any stretch, just not quite as good as the rest of the skins.

The member skins are standard stuff, nothing too fancy, but nice designs, and each on a different model. No repetetive reborns here :D The High-Council skins are perticularly menacing, but unfortunately, one of them is a reborn reskin :r. Well, we will live... hopefully. Thats about it - I commend this author and being so 'nice' and helpful, and I would hope we shall see more from him.

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Name: anyclanskinpack1
Author: =)kr(WHaT)hc(=
email: [email protected]

First of let me say, these are pretty much my first skins so be gentle :P . 

These skins were all originally for my clan, but i thought with a little editting i could release 
them so any clan that either didn't have a skinner or was just to lazy to create their own skins 
could use these skins (i personally hate it when clans release thier skins to the public, some skins
are great, but i wouldn't dl'd them or use them because there are clan tags and names all over them).
These skins aren't anything special, but they do have the basic setup for a clan: 2 council skins, 2 trainer 
skins, and 3 member skins, and 1 P.I.M.P. skin :P .

clanmember1 - based off of the reborn_new skin. camoflauge effect to it with the text member on the back.

clanmember2 - based off of the human_merc skin. brightened up the skin with yellow and added the text member
to its back.

clanmember3 - based off of the rosh skin. added tattoos to his face, brightened up his suit with a aqua color
and added the text member to his back.

clantrainer1 - based off of the jeditrainer skin, added a tatoo on his face, darkened the base of the skin 
while adding some color to his accessories and added the text trainer to his back.

clantrainer2 - based off of the noghri skin (yea hes ugly). added tattoos on his head and body, lightened his 
skin, gave him white clothing and added the text trainer to his back.

highcouncil1 - based off of the cultist skin, turned the base into green, lightened his skin, and added the 
text council to his chest. (added more than 1 taunt)

highcouncil2 - based off of the reborn_boss skin, added more purple, added tattoos on his face, and added the 
text council to his back. (added more than 1 taunt)

clanpimp - based off of the rax_joris skin, changed his suit completely, added the text PIMP and 2 DAMN SEXY to 
his chest and back. (originally i was going to make a fat slob, but decided rax was already a fat slob so made 
a mock P.I.M.P. instead :P

Bot Support: NO
Team Support YES (all)
New Sounds: YES (new taunts)
Extract all or any .pk3 file into your JA base folder.

Delete the .pk3's from your JA base folder.

All skins have been tested on the =)kr(= server without any problem, but if these files cause damage to your
computer or server I am not to be held responsible.  Use at your own risk. (not that there is any)

These skins can be editted to whatever extent as needed.  I basically was bored and really wanted to mess around 
with Adobe Photoshop when i skinned these.  You can add clan tags, member names, and whatever to the skins.

All credit goes to the original creators and authors of the models being used. All i did was make them better ;) .



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