AoF Inferno Trial



to become a Knight in the clan and eventually Master and above; duelling the leader and needing to win a certain number of those duels to prove yourself worthy. Fun times, though they seem so long ago now!Now I dont know what other clans do, but Im pretty sure that all clans past and present have had some kind of trial that a member must go through to rank up, and this map is an ideal arena for such an event, created for the AoF (Angels of Fire) clan by Kalek Da'karr. Now you may be thinking 'ugh a clan map, it will surely have loads of clan logos and insignia plastered all over it!' but you would be wrong. Apart from two rather large logo's, one on the floor and the other on the ceiling, there are no other clan references, and the logo's themselves could simply be considered part of the artwork of the map if you so wished, as there is no writing on them to tie them to any particular clan, which is always helpful if you are in another clan but might like to use this yourself.The quality of the mapping is very nice; there are some good strong architectural features and the map has a nice atmosphere with the red lights, dark grey metal and stone walls and a dash of lava here and there for good measure. I think 'inferno' is a very apt name for the atmosphere of this map!That said, there are a couple of improvements that I feel could be made. Firstly, there is no music! Though as a clan trials map I can forgive that as I imagine the participants would probably be playing their own music to get them pumped. Secondly are the statues, the map features both the Sith torch bearer statues and the Jedi statues with the glowing crystals, but neither quite seem to fit. The Sith statues dont quite fit because they have a brown sandstone type texture, which does not go with the dark grey texture theme of the rest of the map. On the other hand the Jedi statues are the right colour, but are holding light blue crystals, which doesnt go with the red lighting theme of the map. Personally what I would suggest here is to get rid of the Sith statues and just use the Jedi statues, but to make a crystal shaped brush out of the red crystal texture, which I believe can be found in the textures/common folder and place that over the blue crystal the Jedi statues are holding, thus giving you the best of both worlds; the crystal will match the lighting scheme, and the statue will match the texture scheme! Thats just my suggestion anyway!Overall a nice little map here, the AoF clan is very lucky to have such a cool arena in which to hold its trials. Keep up the good work Kalek, I can see from our files queue that we have several more files from you to come yet!New Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: NoBot Routes: NoGame Types: FFA~Nozyspy~


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