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Welcome to the Apoctyl Temple! Despite what the name might look like at first glance, this map doesn’t have anything to do with The Apocalyp...


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Welcome to the Apoctyl Temple! Despite what the name might look like at first glance, this map doesn’t have anything to do with The Apocalypse, nor will downloading it cause the start of The Apocalypse, it is in fact completely unrelated! Anyway… what is this map about then? Well it seems to be a sort of clan map, judging from what is included and how it is laid out. Even if clan maps aren’t your cup of tea, don’t leave just yet, because there are some really cool surprises to be found in this map! More on them later…

First off let’s have a look at the layout of the map and the main areas it contains.

Probably the biggest area is the outside area, which contains a waterfall and river on one side and a ‘lava-fall’ on the other. The center of this area has a nice little place to duel, and if the switch on one of the broken columns is pressed, a reborn is spawned to spar with. With the ambient noises of the waterfall and other natural sounds, combined with the beautiful music, this area is really very relaxing and would make a fantastic place for clan gatherings. The whole map is based around the principle of fire and water it seems, and most of the areas have a mixture of water and lava in various places, as well as red and blue lighting, which is a very effective combination. There are what seem to be a few duel rooms, which are quite large, and each one of them is different.

The customary council rooms are of course included, beyond un-openable doors (un-openable at least to people who aren’t the clan leaders ;)), one of my favourite areas of the map was the council chambers themselves and the multicoloured glowing crystal statues, the likes of which I have never seen before! The best bit is yet to come though, well at least in my opinion anyway!

Work your way through the map and you will eventually come to the hangar, where a very nice replica of the Republic shuttle out of the opening scenes of Episode 1 is docked. This is one of those nice surprises I talked about earlier. Apart from being huge and looking great on the outside, the ship is fully enterable. In the center is a seating area, which passengers would occupy, whilst at the back end is a small bar, toilets (which flush!) and up some stairs, a medical center. Towards the front end is a lounge type area with big windows for admiring the view, and then above that is the bridge. If you use the consoles in the bridge, you can fire the left and right guns on the front of the ship, which is a cool interactive feature. Although unfortunately they only fire at the wall, rather than at anybody loitering below!

It’s a real shame that you can’t actually take off in this ship, because it is really cool, but alas that is beyond JKA’s capabilities I’m afraid. Although saying that, I think it would have been nice if there was a version of the ship you could teleport to that was in space, perhaps with some moving stars and such.

Now, lets move onto the architecture and build quality.

I must say that overall, though there were a few areas where the build quality could have been improved a little, I think that the map was built very well. I couldn’t find any obvious bugs, and the whole map ran smoothly. The architecture is also well built, and follows the theme of water and fire, with some areas dark and rock like, and other areas light and using more wood textures. I do feel that some areas could have done with some more architectural detail. I also think the rock walls, particularly in the main outside area need to be smoothed a bit more, to look more organic because they look a little flat at the moment. I think those few things are the main areas that could be improved upon really. Apart from that I think the map just needs some more detail here and there and some improved architecture in a few places.

All in all a very cool clan map here! I couldn’t see any obvious clan symbols or insignia either, so that is a big bonus as it means that this map is suitable for use by any clan. Personally I really loved this map, especially the huge hanger and the docked ship, that was quite a unique touch for a clan map I think.

Excellent work here, and well worth a download I think! :D

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Routes: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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Download 'apcotyl_temple.zip' (43.42MB)

Readme File:  


Map Name : Apcotyl Temple
Author : Jashugan
Email Address : [email protected]
Website : http://www.clan-hcf.com/cariboost1/

File Name : apcotyl_temple
File Size: 45M
Date Released : 27-01-2009

New Sounds : YES
New Skins : NO
New Objects : NO
New music : YES
New Textures : YES
New Shaders: YES
Bot support : YES
TFFA support: YES

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Some textures and shaders have been extracted from different maps. So Big thanks to Sith-J-Cull, Shadow Stone, Darth NormaN, griffin claw and all the mappers from the original Jedi Academy game.
- Thanks to Oscar Niemeyer for the Council Structure.
- Star Wars spaceship conceptors of the Radiant IV.
- Thanks to John Williams for his music.
- Big thanks to my team :)
- Special thanks to Yuu.


Hi Jedis :) .  Here is my Apcotyl temple. My first map... in fact, this is the 3rd version of my first map.

I made this map for my French Team, the High Council of the Force (HCF).

It s a temple on the theme of fire and water, wich is separated in three parts:

- the first part, the Crater. Two falls, in lava or water, a cool lake in the center and some old ruins of a disappeared civilization. You can ear the water falls in the far, and if you look the sky, maybe you ll can see a bird flying... You can spawn a reborn in the ruins.

- the second part, the Temple. Nice place to fight I think. The temple is separated between fire and water, try to fall in the good one!

- The third part, the Base. I added it on this 3rd version, but the work is not finished... maybe I'll make a v4, but I have many others projects in skinning and mapping.
This last part contain my Republicain Radiant cruiser. I'm proud of having made this great Spaceship. You can activate many things on it: WCs, washbasin, hands dryer, radio, droids, bacta vat, and two cannons in the cockpit. You can open the sunroof from it or from the control center outside or the control room in the ship. Many hours of work on it! Maybe the fps will be worst in this part, but I did my best :) .

The map supports a TFFA mod.

(-(-(-(-(-(-(-(Secret Areas)-)-)-)-)-)-)-)-)

 The most of the seven secret areas can be open by activating it. Look at the screenshots, they all are here. The last is not very easy to find, try to look for it before activate the /noclip :D Ho! I forgot one: try to look for behind the waiter, under the bar in the cruiser...


There are some. 

- The FPS can be lower near the Cruiser; there are many functions on it, and many brushes, so it take a lot of fps. If you have a good computer, you'll don't see it.
- Sometimes, not all the times, IN the temple, but only in the base mod, we can&apos;t here some sounds of steps or jump, or switch on/off saber. I&apos;ve tryed to fix it but it didn&apos;t work, I think it comes from my -vis compilation wich is not good. It don&apos;t do it all the time so I hope it work at your home. Edit: it works without any problem on a serveur >< .


Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, you can find the map in the &quot;fight for all&quot; menu, or tape &quot;/devmap apcotyl_temple_v3&quot; in your console to test it.


This is my third map, but the 3rd version of my first in fact; I know it&apos;s not perfect, but I&apos;ll do better the next time. 
Some textures contains glowing shaders, you can activate it by /r_dynamicglow 1 (o for unactivate). It work very well on the lava textures, but take a lot of fps.


You don t have to mail me or asking me permission to take textures or shaders. Do as you want. If you want me to give you a .map of the cruiser alone, mail me.

-_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-_-_-_--_-_-_-THIS MODIFICATION IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION,

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