Reborn reskins started to get old, oh... in 2003 I'm sure. But every once in a while a good one came a long, and many subsequent skins work...


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Reborn reskins started to get old, oh... in 2003 I'm sure. But every once in a while a good one came a long, and many subsequent skins worked off of these to create new variations of these works. This skin is one of those. It uses parts of the Ravage skin to create the author's idea of a Sith Lord. It has an elaborate backstory, which I'll allow you to read for yourself.

This skin is basically a reborn, with some borrowed flesh textures to make this particular Sith Lord a shirtless, hooded reborn skin. Dressed in dark clothing, it creates a cool, albeit not really unique look, as it doesn't deviate all that sharply from the original. It does include bot support and team support. NPC support was included, but it was placed in the wrong folder of the PK3 so it doesn't function. The sounds are a mix'n'match of assets sounds (mainly Kothos and Ragnos, it seems).

Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

TITLE: Apollyon 
AUTHOR: Apollyon 
E-MAIL: apollyon@rock.com 
WEBSITE: http://ess.newboyzgaming.com 

FILENAME: zZ_Apollyon2.pk3 
FILESIZE: 2,164kb (2.11mb)
DATE RELEASED: April 01 2007 

CREDITS: - Lucasarts
- Ravage, for his "Ravage" skin torso, which I modified. You can find his work here: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Ravage;14420 Great, great skinner.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: extract the pk3 to gamedate/base in your 
Jedi Academy directory.

DESCRIPTION: Apollyon, an ancient Sith Lord, and one of the first of 
his kind to possess the dark side of the force to its full potential. 
He remains shirtless, shamelessly showing the scar on his abdomen - 
all that remains from his glorious fight and victory over the 
then-last Jedi Master. On each of his arms are braces, which enhance 
his ability to channel and expel the force from his body, creating a 
power stronger than any Jedi or Sith could dream of. And lastly, on 
each side of his pants, he bears the symbol of the Order of the Elite 
Sith - a faction of the most powerful sith in the galaxy, led by 

Legends tell of the once-powerful Sith Lord's journey to the dark 
side, rise to power, and his tragic end; a victim of his own power. 
But those legends are merely ghost stories told around campfires on 
Endor now, for no one alive to this day is old enough to have had the 
misfortune of crossing Apollyon's path.

BUGS: None 

COMMENTS: I made this skin quite some time ago..it's one of the first 
skins I did. I've never gotten around to sending it to jk3files, 
until pcgamemods decided to go on and off the interweb. No one has 
access to any of my work on pcgamemods, not even me. I've lost alot 
of submitted skins due to this. So I decided to submit what I still 
have to jk2files so you, the beautiful people, can grovel in all of 
my glory. (Just kidding, haha. But enjoy the skin!)


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