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Well this is something a little different. My first thought when entering the game and spawning was, uhoh, looks like someone forgot to add...


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Well this is something a little different. My first thought when entering the game and spawning was, uhoh, looks like someone forgot to add lighting…then I walked forward and realised I was in some kind of booth and a door came down so I could exit.

This map is a space station in the middle of space with various different rooms to accommodate your needs. Ill go through the bad area’s of the map to start with. Something that really does my head in, is some of the textures people tend to put in there maps these days. Lots of grey and random things that don’t go. This map is a good example of this, but only in some areas. Some of the rooms textures really just weren’t that great. Dull in places and just not matching. Saying that, there are some nice ones here and there.

Now to the more positive parts of the map. There are a lot of nice area’s in this map. I particularly liked the cantina, even though some of the textures got to me, the generally architecture is pretty decent. I liked the fact it sort of had a SWG feel to it, due to the fact it has built in booths on the walls for people to sit in. I also liked the dueling room that had a sort of platform in the middle and was in a ball of sorts. That was a nice variation to your normal duelling room, so kudos to the author there.

Another feature I liked, was the fact you could go flying. However though, as soon as you launch out, you get a warning error to head back to the station or you will blow up -.-. That was quite amusing but you tend to blow up either way.

For improvement, I would suggest working on your textures mainly. The general architecture isn’t bad at all, but the textures really do not do it justice. Some nice original idea’s here though, and I look forward to more work from you in the future.

-|Jorka Sho'Hen|-

Bot Support: Yup New Textures: Yup New Sounds: Nope New Music: Yup Gametypes: FFA

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Apple Station 
AUTHOR: ApplePie 
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: AppleStation.pk3 
FILESIZE: 6.17mb
DATE RELEASED: 20 September 2007 

Kreditz: JKA n JK2 for teh texturez, Morbid for bein my mappeng buddie ^,^ n Vendetta for tryin out teh map wit meh!

Installing teh Mapz: unzip teh fiel into teh Program files/Lucasarts/Gamedata/base f0lder!

Diskription: I r always wanted to maek a space station map, n now i finally did it =D behold, Apple Station!
[apple r teh name, there r not appelz inside, r u crazy? O_O]

it r basically a space station [in space, of all places] with everythink a true JKA play0r needz! liek:
- a Bar to go AFK, chat or do klan meetingz or stuff
- an ice rink for fun new duelz never tried before [that i r knoe of]
- medical center and clone bayz for when j00 get pwnt!
- a duel platform and a duel r00m wit wallz [for NF and FF duelz]
- a cargo hangar [or FFA room, for FFA funnily enuff]
- some hangarz wit flyable shipz [for all j00 lugormod fanz, pilots etc.]
AND some sekret wall panelz here n there, but i r not tell more, JOO MUST FIEND IT !!!

New Textures: Yes [plus some jk2 ones]
New Sounds: yes [music]
New Models/skripts/other stuff: noe!

also botrouting r included, teh bots come out of clone bay, go into engineering room,
get teh shield, then go to ice rink and fight on teh ice. they r not disturb rest of level.

BUGS: i dont fink i hace any bugz, if i r g0t some, let me knoe =] 

COMMENTS: give it a chance =] but tell me if u fink it r rubbish too lol xD

ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS. so j00 can sleep easier tonight =]


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