Arc 170 Fighter

Hoo boy, I do so love good models. You might remember the the Arc-170 starfighter from Episode III, but now you can play it, courtesy of min...


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Hoo boy, I do so love good models. You might remember the the Arc-170 starfighter from Episode III, but now you can play it, courtesy of minilogoguy18 and Dark_Cuillere. Though I can't claim to know that much about Episode III, I can say this model looks very good. The skinning on it, thanks to Darth_Cuillere, makes the model look beautiful, from the excellent weapon skinning to the slightly faded red paint.

The geometry of the model itself is quite detailed. Minilogo didn't seem to leave anything important out. The effects have also been well done (we get green lasers and some nice blue proton torpedos). It also comes with a spunky little R2 unit. If you're looking for a good addition to your vehicle collection definitely check this out. It's worth the slightly large download.

Spawn code:

/npc spawn vehicle mini_arc


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Download '' (6.52MB)

Arc-170 Fighter

Version 1.0
Authors: minilogoguy18, Dark_Cuillere

Protecting the skies over Coruscant were specialized clone fighter forces flying the latest
in starfighter technology. The ARC-170 fighter was a bulky, aggressive ship covered with weapons. Three
clone trooper pilots operated this advanced combat craft, with a pilot handling the flight maneuvers, a
copilot operating the laser cannons mounted on the ship's wide wings, and a tailgunner operating the
dorsal rear-facing cannon. The fighter also carried an astromech droid for onboard repairs. 

Model: me 
Anims and riggin: me 
Skins: Dark_Cuillere 
Shaders and efx files: me 
Text files: me 
Beta testing: Me N' Dark_Cuillere
Programs used: Softimage|XSI v4.2, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, notepad and all the stuff that came with
the SDK


Just throw the mini_arc.pk3 in your base and its as simple as that! 


Take the mini_arc.pk3 out of the base folder 

Spawn code:

/npc spawn vehicle mini_arc

I tried to get just the glass on the cockpit mesh to have a glare but it wouldnt work right. I think the
only way i could get it to work is make a new mesh out of just the glass. I also very badly wanted to
make the rear turrets controllable but i need to test it alot more, but ill keep the ship set up so that
it may one day be able to do so...


This file and all of its contents can be modified, changed, or used in any 
map, mod, or project if i approve. If your seeking permission you can contact me at, or post on the forums.

© 2003 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated. 
All rights reserved. Used under authorization. 
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks 
of Lucasfilm Ltd. 
© Raven Software LTD 2003, Activision

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