Arcane Citadel

Well, I daresay this map was a bit of a personal disappointment. I see the words "Arcane" and "Citadel" and I go rushing at it like a m...


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Well, I daresay this map was a bit of a personal disappointment. I see the words "Arcane" and "Citadel" and I go rushing at it like a mad dog. Suffice to say, there's nothing much that fulfills that title.

Suffice to say, as soon as one enters, they are greeted with a deafening silence. Yes, this map is completely devoid of all ambient noise and music. Even the elevators and doors lack sounds. PLEASE O_O fix that as an imperative or else death =_=

While I'm on the "empty" subject, I could almost argue that the map feels almost entirely empty. This is not true, of course. There are some switches here and there, and there's a lot of walking space. While I'm on the subject of switches, I would also recommend making them usable, rather than having to swat them with a saber. Much as we're moving towards a society that hits things to make them work, I'd personally not illustrate it in the map we produce =_o.

There are a couple ill-done RP areas. One is a bar that I couldn't even tell was a bar until a couple seconds after. There's a bathroom with a very horrid crapper. The throne might count, although it's way too huge for an ordinary human. Eh, after that, not much left.

There are a number of areas you can duel/screw around in, and basically just have a good time. Honestly, since that's what the map was intended for, that's Grade A Okay for Averus.

Since this is a beta, we can expect a new version coming some time soon. Just please add some sounds and fix those switches >_<; they make Averus want to throw rocks at elderly people...more so than usual.

New Textures: Aye(one) New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye(ish) Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: The Arcane Citadel v0.8
AUTHOR: Xiohexia [Rogue]

FILENAME: arcane_citadel.pk3
DATE RELEASED: September 26, 2007

Xiohexia - most of the work.
The Rogue Clan ( - for beta testing and ideas.
Lucas Arts & Raven - for making a great game.
GTKRadiant 1.4.0 - the program used to make most of the map.
QuArK - the other program used to make this map.
Pakscape - the program used to pack this into pk3, and zip format.
Photoshop CS2 - used for the one custom texture in the map.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Take the arcane_citadel.pk3 from this zip file, and place it in your &quot;LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base&quot; folder. Restart Jedi Academy, If running. To uninstall, delete the arcane_citadel.pk3 from your &quot;LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base&quot; folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is a rather big map I made. Its main purpose, is to be fun (hopefully), but I added some eye candy here and there to spark it up a bit. Some areas are an old yavin/fantasy theme, some other areas, are more futuristic/metal/fantasy. I included areas that would suit the things that people do most in jk3. Several areas are intended for Large Scale Free For All, or dueling. Some are intended for chatting, and role playing. 

BUGS: Some areas may bleed through, and make non intended areas of the level visible. This will be fixed, and should not affect your gameplay. 

COMMENTS: Please note that this is not the final version. This is version 0.8 , as I intend to update this file two more times (in a few weeks). Any bugs you do find, will be fixed.
 I have done my best to prevent any lag. Due to the visual intensity I tried to attain, a small amount of lag may still occur.
**All textures, except the one included in the pk3 (textures/subway/subway1.jpg), are included with jka.** 


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