ArchAngel (Scout)

Lo and behold, fair people of JK3files! A newcomer has joined the midsts of the modding community. His first peek into the great book of mod...


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Lo and behold, fair people of JK3files! A newcomer has joined the midsts of the modding community. His first peek into the great book of modding... stuff has resulted in what you see here today. I'm told that this warrior we have here goes by the name of Archangel (scout). I'm just gonna call him Archangel, if you don't mind. So, Archangel. You're probably wondering, what he's like. From what I can tell, he was once a swamptrooper. Then he got his armour repainted white, a new breather for his helmet and some hook-like decorations under the eyes. That's more or less how one stops being a swamptrooper and becomes something akin to this man here.

Basically, it's a recolor. The changes made to the original texture, apart from the color, are minimal at best. And a side effect one doesn't see often with a simple color change is the near total loss of the lighting that the swamptrooper's texture had. Fortunately it's not completely missing, in places it's substituted by the author's own shading. Now, this is also something rare with first skins. Most beginners just whip up something they think looks cool and completely leave out the shading, which is what makes a texture look more realistic. Granted, the shading here isn't great, it's a little sharp in places, but it's something.

All in all, I find myself somewhat at a loss of words. It's nothing special, it's nothing horrible, it just is. For a beginner, I must say it's quite a good job. There's no extras, but I suppose one won't need them, since it overwrites the swamptrooper. Also, the icon doesn't work, cause it isn't a power of two (2, 4, 8, 16 etc). And that's pretty much it from me. Give it a whirl if it strikes your fancy.

It doesn't matter where you're going or why you're going. It's the going that matters.

- Jose

Bot support: Swamptrooper's NPC support: Swamptrooper's Team support: Swamptrooper's New sounds: No

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TITLE: ArchAngel(scout)
AUTHOR: ArchAngel47

Credits: All i used was a swamptrooper skin, and sounds, so i guess the credit here goes to the graphics designers of lucasarts, and also a special thanks to my good friend d3athwish who taught me how to skin. thank you

Installation Instructions: place the test1.pk3 file into your lucasarts base folder (Default: C:\Program Files\LucasArts\...\GameData\base)

Description:This here is the 1st skin i made, it isnt much, i never really found out how to make the icon work out, so the icon may show up as a black square on the character selection, other than that I thikn its a god skin, and hopefully you will think the same. have fun.

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