Arrevanous 7

Initial thoughts of Averus were: "Hey look Arevass!" Now that I've examined it personally, this map beats Arevass in my personal opinion,...


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Initial thoughts of Averus were: "Hey look Arevass!" Now that I've examined it personally, this map beats Arevass in my personal opinion, which therefore should mold the opinion of all =_= for to go against my word will result in death.

The location was said to have been molded from the author's dreams. Dreams can mold strange things, and some of these products can be very impressive. In this case, there is no exception. The landscape portrays an old and mystical land, adorned with ruins that whisper secrets of past times and a wayshrine situated in a large pool of water. Within this shrine lies a crystal and three stone slabs adorned with runes that I believe are of elven origin. I don't like reading elven, mainly because it involves tributes to pathetic deities and how the trees are angry at them. Idiotic elves, I hope a good number of them get the plague..

Overall, the architecture was splendid, albeit I did not quite discover the purpose of the random button in the midst of one circular ruin. Perhaps you all may find that out yourselves. My care is minimal. I believe the thing that would make this map better is the use of custom music. Otherwise, I've nothing much else to roar at.

Gaze at the screenshots before you; DO YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?? DO YOU? IF SO, THEN CURL UP INTO THE FETAL POSITION AND SQUEAL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL, THEN SUBMIT BANDWIDTH. IF YOU DON'T...well can just ignore those instructions then, can't you? WRONG, BECAUSE YOU ARE FORCED TO DOWNLOAD IT! You will never leave this page alive unless you do =_,= SUBMIT BANDWIDTH IMMEDIATELY OR PERISH LIKE AGE-ED CHEESEFOOD.

*awaits the mass of squealing fetal people so that he can laugh heartily as he always does*

New Textures: Yes New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Maaaaybe =_= Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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//           Arrevanous 7                //
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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

AUTHOR: AngelMapper 
E-MAIL: -or-



First and formost I would like to give credit to george lucas for creating star wars, and to raven soft for creating this game.
I would like to give credit also to the following.
Immenor: allways being there with the right know how when I need it.
JSR: the members of JSR "Jedi sith Republic" for being my genny pig's. :D
Inyri Forge: creator of the kotor crate model's. :)
SJC: for good soppourt when I first started mapping and use of his texture's and shader's.
Darth G: for being a good teacher and allways keeping me on track, I hope you get back soon :0 we all wish you to get home soon. :'(
Lizard King: for just being a cool guy and a good friend.
Darth Norman: you get a gold star big time *hands big gold star* you helped me figure out alot of this and brought my mapping to a whole new level, thank you also for the use of you're texture's and shaders. :)
Jo Reed:My loving fiancee, I love you sweety with all my heart and you're patience over the past 2 weeks has been wonderfull. ^^ I LOVE YOU!
Aeraness Schisler: my brother it was you're name that inspired this map I wish you wouldve been here to see it. :( ty 
Aeraness 10-17-87 to 10-19-87.
to the creator of the oak tree model hmm sorry i couldnt find you're read me ad im on 56 k and every file i dl corrupt's so i couldnt get it but i give you props!-- i love that tree.


open the zip file and then go to start, my computer, program files, lucasarts, star wars jedi knight jedi academy, gamedata, base then just click on the AM_ARREVANOUS7.pk3 hold ur mouse botton 1 and drag it into the base and bam there you go now start up the game and enjoy!


Origanally it was ment to be a small duel map based of a fight sequence im my latest book Knights of the old republic the sith hier.
But it eventually evolved into creating a larger peace of the world, while some of the archetecture is roman like the map its self is set in a some what more humid climate.
this map took about 2 weeks to biuld from concept art to finish product.
the name was a combo of the 2 thing's inspiring it arevass and my brother aeraness together they made arrevanous :) i threw the 7 in just for the heck of it =D.

None that I know of, If you find any please report them.


Ummm enjoy arrevanous7?

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