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Well, I'll be a monkey's bare-rumped uncle... An actually good first skin. Several, even. This is certainly a pleasant surprise. But I shoul...


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Well, I'll be a monkey's bare-rumped uncle... An actually good first skin. Several, even. This is certainly a pleasant surprise. But I should probably fill you in on what I'm babbling about, should I not? Well, y'see, Peace Art!st here has gone and taken the Psycho Mantis, Predator and Kusanagi models and reskinned them. Well, to a degree. And several times. I'll take them all on one at a time, so prepare yourselves.

Well, first off, we have the Lieutenant. Opain, by name, it's a reskin of the Mantis. The changes include new eyepieces, a full-head gas mask, something that looks to me like an offspring of a combat vest and a straitjacket, less buckles on the boots and wider belts on the pants. The new textures are nicely done and fit together well.

Next is the field medic. Again a reskin of the Mantis, this time it's a light gray jacket and pair of pants, black boots and a full-head mask. There's a red cross on the chest and back of the jacket as well. Again, the textures are well done and look good.

Third on the ride is Wreg. A predator by nature, this one's taken a different approach to body armor. You see, Wreg here actually has something that can actually protect one against blows. It's a steel gray suit of something resembling scales and metal. The one thing about this skin that I found really awesome is the skull-like look of the helmet. Oh, and bits and pieces of his decorations and various technological tidbits pulse. Niice.

Finally, we have the twins, Mia and Levra. They're based on the Major Kusanagi model and look nearly the same, the only difference being the color scheme. Both have a(n electrified) jacket and boots up to half the thigh, as well as an elongated (and armored) leotard/skirt combination. Levra's jacket and boots are white and the leotard is black, Mia's outfit is the other way around. The hair color is also different (Levra's being blue, Mia's magenta).

Well, that's the pack. They're all quite good, the author clearly knows what he's doing. Though there is one thing to note. The author seems to have missed the point of specular maps. They're meant to indicate how strongly a part of the texture reflects light. A dark spot on the spec map reflects very little, whereas a bright spot reflects a whole lot. As such, cloth doesn't need spec maps, it's not nearly reflective enough. Also, if your spec and diffuse maps are the same, it's next to impossible for the average joe to spot the difference. Just something to note for the future.

- Jose

Bot support: Nay Npc support: Wreg only Team support: See above New sounds: Oo,aye

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Download '' (8.66MB)

Skin pack's name        : Art!st's Skin pack
Author                  : Art!st
Email Address           :

Programs used: 	Gimp v2, Modview, Wavepad
Known Bugs:		---

Description: New skins created for Predator, Psycho Mantis & Major Kusanagi. Since I didn't release
the skins as they became ready, I packed them now into one zipfile for you all to enjoy. They
dont have any spesific theme together.

Credits: Biggest credits and thanks go to the original modellers, 

						-	Psycho Mantis by Tyrael64,
						-	Predator by Psyk0Sith & Darth Kitty,
						-	Major Kusanagi by graves

and that they allowed me to create skins for these models in the first place.

Also big thanks goes to Spawn, Redeye, Zealot & Arianyr for testing the skin and to whole Peace Clan for
giving me support.

Note: if you wish to use/edit these textures, remember to add my readme with the file.
But remember to ask from the modelers the permission, should you use their model ;)



Put the pk3 files into your gamedata/base folder.


Legal schtuff


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