Assassins Creed Faction Skin V2

A while ago I reviewed the Assassins Creed Faction Skin, by Assassin (fitting name!). Now, he brings us v2 of that skin. First off though, a...


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A while ago I reviewed the Assassins Creed Faction Skin, by Assassin (fitting name!). Now, he brings us v2 of that skin. First off though, a little explanation. I said last time that I had not heard of the term ‘faction’ used in JKA before, but Assassin explained very well what the term means in one of his comments, so I thought I would paste that in here incase anyone else hasn’t heard the term either.

A faction is a Lugormod term, its like a mini clan, you get together and you have wars and stuff. It’s pretty fun.

Now, on with the review!

As last time the skin is a white robed Cultist, and judging from what I have researched about Assassins Creed from last time around, I am presuming that the main inspiration for this reskin was Altair the main character of the game. There have been quite a few changes since last time, the Yin and yang symbol on the back of the skin has been made smaller, which does look better aesthetically speaking and the white robes now look smoother and cleaner. He now has some rather scary bright red eyes also! :P

Unlike last time this skin now has team support. Across the default skin are some red bands which look like some form of harness, and it is this that changes colour with the team skins, which is good because it is a subtle change and not one that shouts out at you. However there is a problem here. The default skin has a dark red harness, but the red team skin has a bright red harness. Since they are both red this can be rather confusing, so personally I think it would have been better of the harness on the default skin was more of a neutral colour, like brown or grey for example. Or perhaps make it look like a leather harness.

Much better though the skin is, there are still a few things I feel could be improved upon. Mainly what I would like to see is some custom sounds, perhaps from the Assassins Creed game, or something along those lines. Also, I think another thing to consider for next time is adding some bot support.

Apart from that though a good skin here and a nice improvement from last time around. If you guys like the look of this skin, or you are part of this Faction in JKA, then give it a download! :)

New Sounds: No Bot Support:No Team Support: Yes


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Title				: AC(Assassins Creed) Faction Skin
Author				: Assassin

File Name			: ACassassinv2.pk3
File Size			: 2041 KB
Date Released			: 30th of August

New Textures			: No
New Models			: No
Bugs				: None

Installation			: Put the ACassassinv2.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Uninstall 			: Take the ACassassinv2.pk3 out of your /gamedata/base/ directory.

Description/File Info		: Version 2 of my last skin, sharpened and added colors :D

Comments			: I got into skinning and then my faction leader decided to make a faction skin, and i volunteered, heres the final result

Credits				: I Reskinned the Cultist model, all the sounds are still attached, Thanks to Kahn for the symbol on his back.



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